Death Rite Bird Boss: How to defeat the Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

Among the many optional bosses, whom players can meet on their journey through the Lands Between Elden Ring, the Death Rite Bird can be considered one of the most frustrating, thanks to his moveset, which consists of a variety of far-reaching summons and sweeps, as well as the The fact that the boss will not remain quiet during the fight. Against this background and to help all those who are currently taking the boss to get both the Death Ritual Spear and the Death’s Poker Great Sword, we will tell you how to the Death Rite Bird Boss in Elyden Can defeat ring.

How to defeat the Death Rite Bird in Elden Ring

Before you meet the Death Rite Bird Boss in Elden Ring, you should point out that you can use Torrent during the fight, just like the Commander O’Neil boss fight, Torrent and once again an important part of the struggle will strive.

After this is said, summon your best ashese spirit as soon as the fight begins. We urgently advise you to use the Mimic Tear Ashes, with which you can summon a copy of yourself for the fight. As soon as the evocation enters the stage, focus on a striking and running technology, which allows you to avoid the remote attacks of the bosses, which can usually cause damage even after work.

Death Rite Bird Boss Fight (No Damage) [Elden Ring]

To use the technology, try to get under the boss to land a few hits and then withdraw while dragging back by using Torrent to overcome great distances. In order to increase the total damage, we advise you to great weapons with fast movesets. The fight will be long thanks to the big HP pool of the boss, so be ready. If you use MIMIC Tear Summoning, they equip some litter objects to expand the summon’s toolbox.

If you use a ranged build instead of beating and racing, bait the boss and attack if it is open. Using the environment to grab the boss, is also a way for ranged builds, so do not forget to use the cliffs for your advantage.

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