Eldon Ring, Cumulative Shipments 1,200,000

On the day (16th), Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (Representative Zerald Nun) announced that Bandai Namco Entertainment and Promoter Software Joint Developed Fantasy Action RPG ‘Eldon Ring’ did.

Eldden Ring is a co-developed action RPG with Bandai Namco Entertainment and Prominers, and the Elder Damn, and the Eldon Ring of the old monarches and Dami Mugs rebuild the Eldon Ring, It is a journey to put on hand. Eldden Ring has achieved the number of steam simultaneous users after the release, and has been popularized through various media and is attracted to the present.

GÖZÜ KAPALI AMA GÖNÜL GÖZÜ AÇIK - Elden Ring | Toqtir @ClumsyKitty

Eldon Ring has achieved a Cumulative shipments of 1,200,000 worldwide, based on March 14, as of March 14, after the release of February 25, 2022. It was also known that it has achieved more than one million in the Japanese market.

“The Miyazaki Heathrock, Miyazaki of Prom Software, said,” I am very surprised that many people have seen that many people have seen. I am sincerely thankful for all users in representative of the production team, “” I think it would be very happy if you enjoy the elevation of freedom in the world and enjoying the threat.

Representative Director of Bandai Namco Entertainment, Miyakawa Yasuo said, “Promining the new action RPG Eldin Ring, a new action RPG Elden Ring, a jointly developed by promoting the company, has exceeded 1,200. I would like to thank you again to the fans who enjoyed Eldon Ring. “

Also, “Director Miyazaki starts with Glory, and I am honored to make this work with George RR Martin,” “I think it is a long time to make this work with George RR Martin.” “Eldon Ring”, which has been made across, would like to develop in various areas so that they can also see in the future as well as in the future.

As Miyakawa and Yasuo representative directors added, future Elda Ring announced not only games, but also to develop a variety of businesses on the axis, as well as the character of IP (character, etc.).

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