Do not expect JOKER to be the main villain in the sequel to The Batman

Several weeks ago, Matt Reeves , director of The Batman , mentioned that this film would mark the beginning of its own cinematographic universe composed obviously by characters related to this hero. In fact, this first delivery already has very good foundations for the future, although not all of them will be explored in their aftermath and this also includes possible villains.

THE BATMAN 2: What Villains Will Be in the Sequel - New Robin, Joker, and Court of Owls Explained

As you know, the joker does exist within this new universe and in fact, he is a character with which batman already has a past. Even though the end of the film suggested that this villain would go back for the sequel to him, Reeves said it is not necessarily the case:

“The cameo of Joker at the end of the film is really more contextual [for the universe], so I can not say if we would, specifically, in the movies or not. What you are seeing is a Joker Pre-Joker, actually. We return to Conrad Veidt inspiration, The Man Who Laughs, which is a reference to Bob Kane-Bill Finger. Obviously, that guy has a congenital disease. He is like the ghost of the opera, he can not stop smiling. Instead of being like the history of the elephant man, where the grotesque exterior appearance of him contradicted the inner beauty, this would form the nihilistic worldview of him and would have an insidious understanding of human nature. That’s where this psychology comes from who this type would be. “

Basically, with this cameo, Reeves sought to establish that batman of Robert Pattinson already has experienced experience against some of the most famous villains in the gallery of him. Joker Being one of them, it was logical for the director of him to include him in the film, although he may opt for another antagonist for the sequel.

Editor’s note: On the one hand I would have loved to see more scenes with this version of Joker, but I also think Batman has a huge gallery of villains that deserves to be explored. With the vision of Reeves, it will definitely be interesting to see how he adapts each of them.

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