Premier League stops charisma of games in Russia

The English Premier League reacts to the Russian crime war and relies on the TV contract with broadcast partners Rambler (Okko League reacts) after a “unanimous decision” of the clubs with immediate effect.

Premier League and EFL to cancel broadcast contracts in Russia

At the same time, one million pounds (around 1.2 million euros) will donate humanitarian support to the attacked Ukraine, England shared the highest football league on Tuesday.

“The Premier League sentenced Russia’s invasion in Ukraine sharp. We call for peace. Our thoughts are with all those affected,” explained the league, which follows the extension of the TV Tv Treaty in Russia, the example of French Ligue 1.

“We fully support the decision of the Premier League to set the transfer of games in Russia in response to Vladimir Putin’s barbaric, meaningless invasion in Ukraine,” said British League reactss Minister Nigel Huddleston: “Russia may not legitimize his illegal war through League reactss “

Last weekend, the 20 clubs of Premier League expressed their solidarity with the Ukraine with various actions.

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