Rogue Like RPG “Demon Daughter and Mysterious Adventure 2-2 King and Spinning Promises ~” STeam to start early access delivery in Steam. Capture with demon daughter

Domestic individual developer, Mr. Mt. Koga, March 12, “ Demon Daughter and Wonderful Adventure 2-2-2 and Two-Two Kings and Spinning Promises ~ (hereinafter referred to as the Demon Daughter and Mysterious Adventure 2)” An early access delivery date was announced. The corresponding platform is PC (steam / dlsite). STeam scheduled for early access delivery from the beginning of April on April 9, DLSite. In STEAM, the store page and PV of this work are released.

“Demon Daughter and Mysterious Adventure 2” challenges the demon daughter and the random generation dungeon, and the second of the “Wonden Dungeon” Wind Log Like RPG. The stage of this work is a fantasy world with demons and magic. The protagonist melt was taking a trial to become a demon king. The end of a long journey, he visited the village where he wants to be peaceful. A battle with the adventure in the dungeon is developed.

A system that seems to be Loglike RPG is adopted as the main series is covered with the “Wonden Dungeon” wind. Players will capture the random generation dungeon inhabiting monsters. Within the dungeon basically, once the player acts once, one turn has elapsed and the monsters will act once. Attacks and moves every turn, and confronting enemies with the item. It is surrounded by multiple enemies, adjacent to strong enemies, and so on while avoiding danger, the purpose is to reach the Dungeon’s finest.

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In this work, it also exists that SP that indicates the hunger and the damage that is damaged and the special effect can be inherited by the mark. If you fall in the dungeon, you will lose levels and items, so tension adventures will be unfolded. As a unique element, a mechanism that allows you to be a member of a demon girl in a dungeon, and a “title” that changes the capacity of the equipment is introduced. Rogue Like strategy and teeth, elements centered on demon daughter are added.

According to the store page, this work has achieved significant power-up from the previous work. In the demon daughter, the demon daughter, which can be taken to the adventure, increases from two to three and supports member switching during capture. As a reinforcing system of a community, a “sensing system” that can inherit skills between demons and sons, and a maternal equipment system has been added.

In addition, in this work, if adventure progresses to some extent, a dark city appears in the village of the base. If the player falls in the dungeon, new products in the black market. By paying a large money, it seems that you can buy lost items. In addition, adding new monsters and new titles, and graphic quality improvement are also implemented, and it is likely to be expected to the adventure that powered up more than the previous work.

This work is developed by the domestic individual developer. He released in 2020 for the previous work “Demon Daughter and Mysterious Adventure-Tower of Power of Power and Feedback”. The STEAM version of the same work has gained more popular with 90% of the 81 user reviews and earned the status “very popular”. Logeleike RPG seems to be popular with playfeel and cute demon daughter elements.

“Demon Daughter and Mysterious Adventure 2” will start early access for PC (Steam / Dlsite). The STEAM version is April 9th, and the DLSITE version is early April. According to DLSite’s notice page, the price seems to be about 1870 yen. In addition, the previous work “Demon daughter and mysterious adventure-force tall and feedback tower ~” is being distributed for Nintendo Switch / PC (Steam / Dlsite).

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