“Clear address and idea”: Kreutzer Coacht Schalke to victory

It was a patience game in Upper Bavaria: Long state of FC Ingolstadt at the 0: 3 against Schalke deeply and made the guests very hard. “The first half was really nothing, there we were disappointed,” Gerald Asamoah summed up after the final whistle at Sky. There was a partial debt for the rather sluggish start of the Schalke offensive efforts according to scorer Dominick Drexler also on changes in the new trainer team: “We played a new system and had to find us a bit.”

We played a new system and had to find us a bit.

Dominick Drexler

Schalker Kader “speaks for itself”

Found the Schalker after the page change – not least because of the resolving of Rodrigo Zalazar, which should be the crucial factor with a hit and two assists. “Of course, we have quality on the bench,” Drexler brought a strength of the scarce to the point. For the former Kieler and Cologne “the squad speaks for himself”. With this he wants to “come in a flow” and has a clear goal: “The teams that score in the back, always have a good chance to be there. And we want to be there”.

It also helps Matthias Kreutzer, who was loud asamoah’s sole head coach, while the real interim trainer, Mike Bükens, had to fit Coronabed. Büskens, says Asamoah, “was not there at all”. The decisive substitution of Zalazar also discussed together, “but ‘Matze’ decides in the end”. Why also Torjäger Simon Terodde, which was exceptionally without his own goal, attested the new coach “a good knife”.

Kreitzer “Clear idea”

This is intended to provide the next success on Saturday against Hannover (13.30, live! At Bavaria). Maybe Kreutzer succeeds in selecting a representative for the yellow-locked Marcin Kaminski a similar shake train. “He is very clear in his speeches and his idea,” Drexler lets interfere that Kreutzer has probably already an idea – which he will probably have to jointly decide on the debut of Büsken next week.

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The team knocks on top

As Meanwhile, ASAMOH warns to rest: “We have a deserved victory today, now we’ll take a look.” But although the former national player “wants to think of game to play”, he also has a clear medium-term objective: “We want to work as a community as a team. And hope that we call up.”

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