The numbers behind room strong season

Last season, David’s room showed superior achievements in the dress of SPVGG Greuther Fürth and had a large proportion of ascension in the Bundesliga with 16 scorer points (one goal, 15 assists). Even a league is now ideal for space in Hoffenheim for room. In the crawls he made it directly to the parent, he succeeded the leap in the German national team. The 23-year-old ran 24 times in the German upper house this season, while he reaches two goals and nine assists.

So much, so good to the obvious numbers. But even more detailed look into the statistics of space is worthwhile, because it shows how remarkably strong the outer railway player plays in his first bundled league in the foreground. First, let’s look at the general game alignment of the TSG. It is trying to always make a triangle in the game construction. The central central defender in the triple chain is situated on the six in the game build-up and is supported by the nominal six. Here is always trying to make a triangle on the respective side to always give the ball-leading player two playground stations.

Chances are created more frequently over links

Hoffenheim increased in the shots and flanks. showed superior

However, the opponent presses very high, the long ball is beaten to put on the second ball. This also succeeds quite often because the outer chests are very high and thus three players can fight for the first or second ball on each side. Opportunities are much more likely to be created on the left and the overrunning space.

It is interesting that space plays the third-party passports that led directly to a shot (together with Müller 60). Before him, only Frankfurt Filip Kostic (61) and Gladbach Jonas Hofmann (62) are located. So all players who are more in the offensive home. Another statistic also illustrates the great value of the 23-year-old for the TSG, because he has taken away most of the flanks and passes out of the game into the penalty area, which also reached the teammate. There were a total of 95 (4.2 on average per game), meaning the German international in front of Kostic (77, 3.4 per game) and Müller (70, 3.1 per game).

Hoffenheim thanks to space dangerous

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Even with the gates, the TSG increased compared to the preseason. showed superior

The numbers of the entire Team Hoffenheim compared to the preseason show that room has a good influence on the offensive of the team of Sebastian Hoeneß. Last year, the TSG scored average 1.53 goals, this season is 1.92. While at an XG value of 1.53 in the past season, the opportunities almost as expected, the Sinsheimer is much more efficient in exploiting occasions in the current season at an XG value of 1.74 in the current season.

In total, the TSG returns 14.16 shots per game this season, 4.56 on goal. Again, compared to the previous year, when there were 12.38 shots (4.41 on the box), an increase. Even in the flanks in the sixteen, the value in the Hoffenheimern has increased slightly from 8.29 to 8.48. The Hoffenheimer also conclude thanks to space, which brings the flanks dangerous into the penalty area, on average 13.17 meters – in the top 5 leagues is no club in the average scoring closer to the box.

All these numbers show how well room has arrived in the Bundesliga and why he has also made it into the squad of national coach Hansi Flick. So Bayern are warned for Saturday (15.30, live! At showed superior) and, above all, should see that they get their right defense side tight. “He has now fully acclimatized and goes up great steps. That he has a good cross, we knew. He had 15 templates in the 2nd league, I trust him too in the Bundesliga,” says coach Hoeneß. And before the Bayern game “I do not advise him to take something special on the weekend, he just has to stay what he’s just doing, that seems to work quite well.”

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