Super Meat Boy Forever arrive enfin sur Epic Games Store


This has been delayed. It has been declared exclusive. Now it’s finally at hand. Meat Boy and bandage girl are back Super Meat Boy forever-and this time they are not al1. In the time between Super Meat Boy and the new game, both built a family and had a child, named Nugget. Unfortunately, Nugget was kidnapped by Dr Fetus. Now, Meat Boy, Girl bandage and some unexpected new faces of the Meat Boy cinematographic world (totally a real thing) must jump, slide, dive and make their way to save kidnapped child.

_ “Super Meat Boy has been a huge success that has changed my life forever and people demanded a sequel from chandeliers,” said Tommy Repeases, co-founder and teammator of Team Meat. _ “But I did not just want to deliver more of the same thing and call it one day. Meat Boy deserved more than that. I wanted to rebuild Meat Boy from scratch, in a way that would offer an entirely new experience that always strikes the same kinetic and addictive notes as his predecessor. I know that Super Meat Boy Forever took forever to manufacture, but we are convinced that it was worth it.

These are bold words, but refened has something big to support it: the procedural generation. What’s better than playing once a video game? Play again and again with new levels every time. _Super Meat Boy forever “challenges the boundaries of the” rational design of the game “and” reasonable production time “and that is paying. Whenever you have finished the game, you will have the opportunity to replay the game as a brand new experience. Each level has been carefully crafted and there are thousands, which means you can play the game several times from start to end without ever seeing a double level. It’s incredible. Team Meat, we salute you.

Super Meat Boy forever will be available for PC on December 23, 2020.

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