Rainer Koch has criticism of DFB decidedly back – praise for BVB

The previous interim president Rainer Koch has rejected the partly violent criticism at the Association on the Bundestag of the German Football Chamber in Bonn.

Although after the withdrawal of President Fritz Keller in May 2021 from his point of view, a largely smooth operational leadership work, was medial “a picture was drawn, after which the DFB sink at his top in the long-term chaos”, said cook and stressed: ” The work in the DFB is much better than your medial picture. “

The 63-year-old particularly highlighted the good cooperation with the new Supervisory Board of the German Football League, Hans-Joachim Watzke.

Praise to BVB-Boss Watzke

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The managing director of the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund had taken the office of the second DFB interim president four weeks ago by Peter Peters, who ran for the office of DFB president. This resulted in a new one with each other, which is a “solid, a stand-safe basis for the future” picture, praised chef. “We see the solidarity of professional and amateur football is possible.”

This is also urgent needed to repair the “rampated image of the DFB,” the Bayer called to the delegates. “It’s about recovering unequivocally lost trust – with people,” Koch said. He will and would no longer be in the leader in the necessary new beginning. Koch admitted: “Of course mistakes have been made, also from me.”

Watzke wants to “bundle forces”

Watzke was clearly aware of an improved coexistence between amateur and professional football. “If we continue to lose two trains on each other, then the German football will lose dramatically,” Watzke said. “We have to bundle the forces and do not destroy them mutually.” From the Bundestag, the signal must go out, “that we tackle it”.

The twist between professionals and amateurs occurs again and again in German football. The DFB is not the chaos pile of the chaos, which was so often drawn in public perception, “Watzke said, who projects Borussia Dortmund as managing director. “To the truth”, however, also belong that the image is “not good”. “That has to change, that’s clear,” Watzke said. “From today on, the clear look must go to the future.” The “professional structures” in the DFB would have to be “lived”.

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