FC Chelsea: Premier League unpacked Abramovich!

The next hammer around the English football club FC Chelsea: The English football has officially officially prohibited the leadership of the FC Chelsea to the Russian Oligarche Roman Abramovich.

The Premier League posted the 55-year-old on Saturday as the board of the Champions League winner, as the league announced.

This decision follows on far-reaching sanctions of the British Government against Abramovich, which also has a massively affecting the club of the German Team Manager Thomas Tuchel.

However, the measure of the Premier League should now have no further consequences for the time being, they do not work out “to carry out the possibilities of the club, training units and competitive games,” said in the message of the league.

The sale of the FC Chelsea had already announced from Abramovich anyway, the club line handed over to the trustees of a Chelsea Foundation at short notice. However, the sale was exposed for the time being due to the sanctions. According to a newest “Telegraph” report, it could still come to a sale of the club at the end of the coming week. Several bidders have the opportunity to deposit offers.

FC Chelsea without access to the finances

The consortium for the US entrepreneur Todd Boehly is supposed to be ready to submit an offer in the amount of 2.4 to 3 billion euros.

Chelsea Football Club in 'limbo' after owner Abramovich sanctioned
Meanwhile, the blues may only play thanks to a special license in the Premier League. Since this approval still needs to be clarified in detail, the accounts and credit cards of the club were recently frozen. Thus, the blues have no access to their finances, even player salaries can no longer be paid out.

Chelsea may currently not commit to players or extend contracts, including the sale of tickets and merchandising articles is prohibited.

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