The fanatics of Super Mario 64 share their love for the N64 Classic on Mar10 Day

In recent years, on March 10, it is known as Mar10 day, in celebration of the Super Mario franchise of Nintendo. The day revolves mainly around discounts and small ads, but many fans of the Bigotuda mascot use it as an excuse to celebrate their favorite games of the series on social networks. Mario has been appearing in games since 1981. Donkey Kong, and has starred several classic games since then. Almost all players seem to have a favorite, but it seems that many prefer super Mario 64 especially the rest!

Super Mario 64 launched for the first time in 1996 as a launching title for Nintendo 64. The game was the first mario incursion in 3D, which represented a great change for the series and the genre of platforms in general. Over the years, Mario has starred a series of fantastic 3D platform games, such as Super Mario Sol, Super Mario Galaxia and Super Mario Odyssea. While those games improved in Super Mario 64 the 3D mechanics of several significant ways, many fans prefer that first exit in 3D to everything that has come since then.

Keep reading to see what fans say about Super Mario 64!

Many fans have good memories of the game.


For some, it was his first game of him…


Mario joins people.


I've never played MARIO 64 before

A perfect 10.


The series in general means a lot for fans.


We can celebrate both!


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