Craftone, Battle Ground Release 5th Anniversary Update

[Kids News 24 Park Jeong Jing Reporter] Craftone (Representative Kim Chang-jin) This pub (PUBG): Updating the 5th anniversary of the launch of the battle ground.

Battlegrounds first launched in the 2017 Steam Early Access, and the Global PC · Console is the first Title of Battle Royal genre, which exceeded 75 million, and the 5th anniversary of launching on March 23rd.

Survivors of Korean War break ground on new memorial at DFW National Cemetery
Commemoratively, I have provided a sights that captivated users’ eyes and ears. General Exhibition Erandel and Tae-gi, a variety of decorations to commemorate the 5th anniversary such as Palaccards, and the main lobby has been applied to the “Pubg 5th Anniversary (5th anniversary of Pubg 5th Anniversary), which celebrates the 5th anniversary of the main lobby. A variety of compensation can be obtained through the 5th anniversary event that is conducted on March 23.

Craftone also launches a ‘tactical bag’ and ‘Spoting Scope’, a new tactical equipment. In all maps, the tactical equipment on the world is the item used in the main meal slot.

The user can use the tactical bag to hold four items. With extra weapons, you can keep almost all items such as helmets, vests, ammo, and mountain bikes, accordingly, which can create item combinations for combat styles. The item in the tactical bag is available only for users holding the bag, and can be shared with team members by taking out items from the bag. If the tactical bag is holding a tactical bag, the tactical bag is applied to the tactical bag, and the federed item is kept in the bag, and the attachment automatic replacement function is not activated in the weapon contained in the tactical bag.

The Spoting Scop helps strategic gameplay with items, including medium-range reconnaissance. If you install the spoting scope, the scope mode is applied and the passive marker (white display) is generated on all enhancing and drones exposed up to 1 km. If the enemy and the drones with passive markers are exposed to the rectangular area located in the center of view, the passive marker changes to the active marker (red display) and is automatically displayed on the screen of the team members. Also, when a team member kills enemy with an active marker, a player using a spoting scope can also obtain an assist.

Training plants have been reorganized to help new users’ fast game adaptation. First, the ‘Aim and Sound Practice Route’ was introduced. In the Aiming practice, multiple targets are randomly generated and the exact meeting is required at the same time. The sound practice field plays a variety of diverse guns on the target and grants a score according to the correct hit rate. In addition, all the practices in the training area are added to the target of human models and vehicle targets, and practicing the actual and scaled practice.

With the newly reorganized User Environment (UI), ‘Survivor Pass: Punk Wave’ also begins. At this update, the Survivor Pass daily experience has increased to 6 hours to 8 hours, and Pass XP, which can acquire daily, was changed to 9600 Pass XP in 7200 Pass XP. Various compensation can be obtained through achieving the surbitor pass mission.

Battle Ground 16.2 Update has been on the test server on the last 8 days and will be on the live server on the 16th.

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