30 video games that must be on the Nintendo 64 Classic

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the emblematic Nintendo 64. The impact of Nintendo 64 on the games can not be overestimated. Many innovations introduced for the first time by the N64 have since been integrated into many game consoles. The N64 was the first console to introduce the vibration function of the controller with the “Rumble Pak” accessory that plugs at the bottom of the N64 controller. The N64 controller was also the first console controller to include a joystick – necessary for the new 3D environments in which the games evolved. The local multiplayer was also an integral part of the N64 experience. It was not the first time that the 4-player local game was an option for a console, but it was the first time a console included 4 built-in controller ports.

We hope that Nintendo will find a way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Nintendo 64. Until anything is announced, we can only speculate and look at two possibilities; The addition of Nintendo 64 games to Nintendo Switch Online or the output of a Nintendo 64 Classic – a miniaturized version of the Nintendo 64, just like the classic NES and the Classic SNES. Although the addition of the Nintendo Switch Online games is convenient and cheap for all the owners of Switch, owning a N64 Classic would make you have these games indefinitely. We have developed the following list to suggest which N64 games should be included, regardless of the way Nintendo chooses to celebrate this anniversary. Note: We understand that there may be licensing problems with some games, such as rare games. However, we still decided to include them in the hope that Nintendo is able to conclude agreements with all the parties involved.

30 Games That Should Be On The Nintendo 64 Classic | SicCooper

Super Mario 64, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Star Fox 64, Mario Kart 64 and Wave Race 64

These first five games are essential to any N64 experience. Super Mario 64 has offered players on console the first real 3D experience in a platform game, and although it has been recently reissued in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection, it’s always an absolute must for any compilation N64. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is often considered one of Link’s largest adventures. Star Fox 64 is, even now, the best rail shooting game ever designed. Mario Kart 64 was a joy of playing with friends via a local multiplayer with 4 players. And Wave Race 64 was an amazing N64 launch game with beautiful water effects, an intense jet ski racing gameplay and pretty waterfalls! Okay, okay, Maaax Power!

Banjo-Kazooie, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Donkey Kong 64, Diddy Kong Racing and Blast Body

Nintendo 64 and rare go hand in hand as chocolate and peanut butter. The two companies have separated after the N64 era and it is difficult to find a rare game because it has won the admiration of players from these classics N64. Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 were two essential 3D platforms that competed with Super Mario 64 for the supremacy of the platforms. The Bad Fur Day Conker was a full of laughter featuring a crooked mouth squirrel, busty sunflowers and a singing coca. Diddy Kong Racing was a rare stab in Kart races, increasing the action with flying vehicles and boss fights. And Blast Corps has been a unique experience by charging yourself to destroy as many buildings as possible in a short time – a simple but addictive gameplay.

Turok, Doom 64, Duke Nukem 64, Goldeneye and Perfect Dark

Nintendo has never been “just for children”, their goal has always been to play for the whole family – and it has never been so obvious that the incredible games of shooting at the first person who appeared on the Nintendo 64. We could say that until the arrival of Halo on the original Xbox, the N64 was the king of the first person shooting games on console. Turok has presented a range of wild weapons used to face humans and dinosaurs in a long countryside. Doom 64 was a brand new entry in the Doom franchise with a brand new unique look. He sparked such a cult, that he was recently reissued to coincide with the exit of Dooom Eternal. Duke Nukem 64 was a modified version of Duke Nukem 3D. It included modified levels with new areas, new types of weapons and ammunition, new enemies and re-registered lines by Duke Nukem itself; Jon St. John. Goldeneye, the rare version of the James Bond movie of the same name, had many classic bonding weapons and gadgets, a brilliant soundtrack and a local multiplayer mode that we still remember with tenderness today. The Suite of Rare in Goldeneye was an original game called Perfect Dark, which included a futuristic science fiction scenario and beloved protagonist Joanna Dark.

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