Rogue Company: John Rambo joins the fight

From now on, Rogue Company agents can rely on the support of one of the most famous Hollywood action heroes ever: nobody less than John Rambo from Rambo (2008) will be in the form of a skin for Seeker for playable character!

Other thematically matching items can be activated in an event. The update “Rambo King Cobra” for Rogue Company was built in cooperation with the leading global media companies Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and Millennium Media.

Even for the elitages of the Rogue Company Rambo was always a role model in terms of courage, stamina and talent. Now they are struggling side by side and can hardly expect their first joint use.

Players can cost the Rambo outfit package in 2000 Rogue Bucks and equips players with the legendary Rambo Skin for Seeker and a sharp machete for use in the jungle. With the purchase of the package, Seeker will be unlocked to play. In addition, it contains a mythical weapon, inspired by the film of 2008 for the Sahara, which can also be used with other agents.

The Rambo Crossover also brings an event that is accessible to all players in Rogue Company. Players can conclude jobs remunerated with epic and legendary rewards, including the wingsuit “jungle kobra”, a player title and more.

Rogue Company - Cinematic Teaser | Rambo King Cobra

SIBSER groups & replacement of AFK players
Rogue Company works in the context of the “Project Saint” initiative persistently on the continuous improvement in the gaming experience.

Three additional card melting point, palace and skyfell – are now available in 6V6 mode Team Deathmatch, which increases the total number of cards in this mode to 13. At the same time, 6V6 game modes can now also include six groups in the queue. The mission is clear: Find five friends and play Rogue Company.

Another feature that is always asked about by the community is also at the start of the new update: Human Backfill. This feature enables the replacement of teammates who leave the game during a running match, through human reverse. A faster way to jump directly into the game and save a team in need the day is not available. The feature is first to be regarded as an experiment and will be adapted on the basis of the feedback from players.

Further information about the update “Rambo King Cobra” is available in the patchotes.

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