Fika Productions presents you Ship of Fools, a Quebec game developed in Quebec

The Quebec Studio Fika Productions and the British Team 17 publisher presents the game Ship of Fools, a Roguelike-style action game that you will need to save the world of aquapocalypse. This title is designed for a multiplayer experience, you will not be alone to face the monstrous creatures that will stand on your way. You will be able to play online or with one or a friend directly from your sofa.

Ship of Fools follows a disparate group of Fools – Uh, brave marine – while they

Enter a series of dangerous routes to combat dangerous creatures

Marines, and sometimes gigantic, from the four corners of the archipelago. That, in the goal

O Captain, Who's Captain? | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 36

_ To counter the advancement of the eternal storm that ravages everything in his passage. Life to

Bord of a ship is treacherous for the Fools; Especially since they are not the brightest! The

Collaborative work is therefore essential to survive and repel the waves of enemies. Included_

_In the gaming experience: Chaotic shooting in gun, appalling

_Combats at the paddle, the discovery of lost treasures, repairs in extremis which

_save the crew of sinking and much more.

The Quebec studio is very happy with this collaboration with Team 17.

_ “We are very proud to collaborate with a notoriety editor like Team17._

Reconed for having hatched many independent studio projects, society

_Team17 contributed to many great successes of the industry on the international scene

_ (Worms, overcooked!, Blasphemous, The Escapist and Hell Let Loose). It’s a huge step_

en before for a small gang of Quebec as we started his first game. We

Sommes confident that this collaboration will allow us to strike strongly at the scale

Mondial.” Antoine Grégoire-Slight, President of Fika Productions.

Ship of Fools is expected in 2022 on PC and also on console. Strongly more news on this game.

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