Fans of BVB, FC Bayern and Co. demand the end of the corona

Among other things, the German football fans scenes demand the end of all corona measures in the stadiums as well as an upper limit for redemptions and salaries. The call is also distributed by the followers of BVB and FC Bayern.

Borussia Dortmund - FC Bayern München 2-3 | Highlights | Matchday 14 – Bundesliga 2021/22

The fans scenes in Germany have turned and demanded in an open letter to associations and officials, they should use them for a “football without restrictions at all levels”.

Specifically, according to the elimination of all profound Corona measures announced by the policy, the full capacity of the stages including the standing pitches, no access restrictions and the elimination of the mask obligation under the open sky are demanding the trailer of the stadiums included from the 20th of March.

Furthermore, there should be no more personalized or digital tickets anymore and ten percent of all card quotas should go to guest fans. In addition, the losses of the pandemia should not be compensated by price increases for the stadium audience.

“The limitations of the past few months must not outsource the pandemic. The last two years of football were all, just not our normality and may never be able to do it,” says in the call, inter alia, from the fans of BVB and FC Bayern and her alliances “Südtribüne Dortmund” as well as “Südkurve Munich” was spread.

Fans of BVB, FC Bayern and Co. require upper limits for salaries and transfers

So-called “receivables for more sustainable football” contains the statement, including the compulsory formation of financial resources by the clubs, the receipt of the 50 + 1 rule and upper limits in salaries and transfers.

In addition, the fans call for a new, “competitive” distribution of TV funds and limiting the effects of player advisers to the professional business.

“Two years ago, the lip yields were the lip foodstones. Great was the supposed humility in financial distress. He has changed so far,” says in this context. “The football needs changes. The stadium visit must be fan friendly.”

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