Deadpool was going to have a cameo in Shang

We know that sooner or later, Deadpool will be integrated at MCU. According to Marvel , Ryan Reynolds will continue to play the character so we should not worry about a possible recesses, and In fact, this antihéroe was going to appear in this cinematographic universe as soon as in the movie of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Andrew Kim, conceptual artist for this film, recently revealed that he worked at a scene where we were going to see Deadpool fighting against Proxima Midnight, One of the members of Black Order * * of Thanos that appeared at MCU for the first time at Avengers: Infinity War. **

Shang Chi Deadpool Deleted Scene Breakdown and Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs
Obviously this scene was eliminated from the final version of Shang-Chi , but the artist of him did not explain why. Perhaps its producers considered that Deadpool deserved a much more epic introduction to MCU , but in a certain way, this confirms that the Mercenario Bocazas will eventually return to the big screen (or girl).

Editor’s note: I think I would not have liked to see Deadpool as a simple cameo, because the character really deserves a good welcome. With Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, we are likely to see Deadpool at the cinema one more time, or at least that believes the fans.

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