PS4 / PS5 “RUGBY22” is on sale. Japans national team also appears all-black rugby games, celebrity play videos

Domestic Publisher Co., Ltd. 3GOO launched “ RUGBY22 ” on March 3rd. The corresponding platform is PLAYSTATION 4 / PlayStation 5. The price is tax-included 6380 yen.

“RugBy22” is a full-scale rugby game that manipulates the top players freely. Most major National Teams such as New Zealand, Australia, France, Fiji, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Japan and Georgia will participate with real name and uniform. In addition to national teams from around the world, club teams participating in the top top league of the highest peak are also recorded with a real name. It is possible to play with more than 50 teams, such as multiple clubs, or national representations, etc. to which the uniforms worn by the uniforms of this season are. You can enjoy a dream confrontation due to the strongest team, and make a dream team that has a favorite player.

As the game mode, a player is collected and the only team is equipped with a carrier mode that aims to be a top dividence. Besides, local / online multiplayers also correspond. Training modes are also provided, and through new tutorials, you can remember the basics of rugby.

In addition to formations such as “1-3-3-1” or “2-4-2” before the match, set play such as “pivot” and “switch” can be selected. By using a precise tactics together with the game expansion, the player can enjoy strategic play that the player freely manipulates the entire team. Furthermore, this work is expected to be launched with PS5 for the first time as a series. In addition to the further improved graphics from the previous work “RUGBY 20”, the AI ​​of the player also evolves, and more realistic rugby experiences have become more realistic.

In addition, in the release of this work, a play video by Content Creator Telepega was released on March 7. We challenge the challenge of dreams unique to this work, to aim at the New Zealand representative and aim for victory. Please refer to the following videos where you are anxious.

Rugby 22 Gameplay (PS5 UHD) [4K60FPS]
“RUGBY22” is on sale for PS4 / PS5 for 6380 yen including tax. If you purchase a PS5 download version of this title on the PlayStation Store, you can download the PS4 version without additional charges. If you buy a PS4 download version of this title in the same store, you can download the PS5 version without additional charges. If you own a PS4 software (package version), you can download the PS5 version without additional charges by inserting the disc into the PS5 body. This work is also on sale by NACON publishing.

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