They demand Take-TWO for the Loot Boxes of NBA 2K

NBA 2K20 - MyTEAM Trailer
In recent years, the theme of the loot boxes and microtransractions has become one of the worst practices that a videogame can have. The truth is that nobody wants to spend more when they already paid full price for some game, and we have seen that some of the largest companies that employ this practice have had to deal with multiple legal problems.

Now it is Take-Two who have been demanded by using Loot Boxes in the games of NBA 2K . But what is happening exactly? It happens that, according to a report of Bloomberg , the plaintiffs “alluded to the unfair, deceptive and illegal practices of the defendant, including illegal gaming practices, which deceive and harm users.”

Specifically, this demand is focused on minors, as they could easily take the money from their parents or guardians and invest a fortune in these games without thinking about the consequences. The plaintiffs require a $ 5 million dollar figure for damage compensation, and at the moment, the case remains in process.

Editor’s note: I thought we had already reached the point where the Loot Boxes would disappear completely from the radar. I believe that the average user has already accepted the issue of microtransractions, especially in Free-to-Play, but remain a somewhat controversial issue.

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