WhatsApp: New update brings users to great relief

The Messenger WhatsApp is soon to get a new feature. It should make it easier for users much.

Dortmund – Apps for the smartphone or other digital programs are changed now and then and get new features. Even with WhatsApp users can look back on a new feature, as information * reports. However, the thing has a hook.

WhatsApp introduces new function: More comfort for users

WhatsApp new update brings search image functionality whatsapp in Telugu New tricks Rudrahare tv

With the update Should it be as far as the blog Wabetainfo reports: WhatsApp gets a new feature that allows users to save valuable time. Specifically, this is a search function that should provide more comfort. Users can browse chats in the future according to specific words. Unless you change to other messengers. Because WhatsApp has not emerged as a winner in a current test *.

WhatsApp has redesigned his contact information. This not only ensures that profile pictures will be displayed differently in the future *. The new search function should also be accessible directly via the contact or group information. If users click on a contact or group and view the associated information, a magnifying glass appears from the new WhatsApp update. If this is clicked again, a new search window opens.

New search function at WhatsApp: Find messages easier

This search window allows the chat to be configured with another person or a whole group for specific messages or search terms. Anyone who makes sure to meet WhatsApp or exchanges other important news there, this function should be able to use it more often.

A hook has the new function according to Wabetainfo but probably: the innovation called “search shortcut” should not work properly. Accordingly, it may happen that the function is initially not displayed. However, the portal is confident that the problem is soon resolved.

In addition, the new feature is just like a new WhatsApp feature for photos , currently in the test phase. Thus, it is only available with the beta version of the messenger. But it should not take a long time until all users can try the new search function. _ information is part of the editorial network of ips.Media._

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