“Valorant” Zeta Division CROW player, LAZ player interview! “I have practiced more than any team.”

February 27, 2022 (Sun) “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage1-Week1 Main Event Day2” was held.

Main Event Day2, which can compete in PlayOffs Main Event Day2, is a TOP3 team of the previous tournament CRAZY RACCOON , NORTHEPTION , Zeta Division , Sengoku Gaming * * Four teams of four teams were fulfilled, and in the finals Zeta Division won CRAZY RACCOON ** and decided to advance to PLAYOFFS first.

Many teams have changed their members from now, but Zeta Division, Especially, DEP players and SUGARZ3 players, and young attention players such as Tennn are joined and attracted attention. This editorial department is a CROW player who is a Zeta Division player and an interview with LAZ players immediately after the CRAZY RACCOON war. We will deliver that pattern!

Congratulations on your goofer-off. The members changed and were the first delivery match, but I would like a frank impression.

LAZ player Thank you. I was happy because I won a strong team with a new member. After all, the tournament was different from practice, so I was interested in how many of the members could give a performance, but everyone did it well. I am looking forward to the future match.

CROW player Thank you. It was good to be able to pass at the first place in playoffs. I think I can concentrate on practice with confidence for one month up to playoffs. It has become a member of the former (former ABSOLUTE JUPITER) member, but the new environment and new team members are a long time, so I was able to play while having fun.

* ー ー ー れ れ れ What is the factor of victory?

LAZ players I think that the largest thing is that you have practiced more than any team. I want to go without cutting off the current flow and motivation for the playoffs.

-Have you ever been a new team and you were careful or careful?

LAZ players We emphasized pure “strength”. I won it because I won, but I lost it, but I don’t think in the wind that someone was bad, and I try to find the correct answer with all the teams so as not to make the same mistake. We look back on the game together and take care of thinking of thinking.

ー ー ー 新 新 生 生 生 み み み み み み み み て み み み み み み て て み み て み て て て て み て て て

LAZ player MUNCHKIN was a jet and moving around to hold the round of the round. There is a very aggressive, and there is an impression that became a team that supports it around.

CROW players Munchkin The players who support players are a team that combines aggressive plays and polite play that compensates for aggressive plays and that supplement.

ー DEP players also played with jets, and I think there were many scenes that take Munchkin and First Blood. How was the DEP player who became a team member newly?

LAZ player It was very strong. It is easy to play because it will play a role in team play, so it will take a rampage and get rid of it.

CROW player DEP players are not only, but I am trusting team members, so I thought it would be won when I shoot and I was able to concentrate on support.

-The CROW player of the Supplier was very active in a few people. What kind of place are you playing while taking care of?

CROW player Look at the partner’s configuration and think about what to play if you play, concentrate on what you can do in the play. It is aware that you use the ability to dislike the other party and use the ability.

The 12th round of Haven had the progress of the attacker side CR and the CROW player had a stunning play with the ability to reduce the ability.

CROW player I think that the decision of that round was perfect. LAZ Kill Joy was also good to use Ultimate at A site, and the other party has been reported to B site, I returned Bleach’s Ultimate at B site, and decided the opponent’s progress to C site. I think the team could respond perfectly to the other party’s movement.

ー 後 し 後 後 後 後 後 後 意 意 意 意 意 意 意 意 意.

LAZ player I think it is a good team and think it is a good team and I want to do my best. I want to win with this reliable team member.

2022 VCT STAGE1-Challengers Japan PlayOffs will be delivered on Twitch, YouTube on March 24, 2012 (Thu), March 27, 2022, 2022.

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