Roberto Carlos calls Sergio Ramos in the pub after play with Kneipenteam

Roberto Carlos celebrated his comeback on Friday for the English pub team Bull in The Barn United, who had won the use of the former Selecao star in auction. Subsequently, the 48-year-old celebrated in a pub – and called PSG defender Sergio Ramos by FaceTime.

The former world-class left-back was replaced during the first half, but then received a breather again. In the second round he turned a penalty, his team still lost 3: 4.

Then Carlos went with his new teammates in the local pub and made for another highlight: On a video in the social networks is to see how he starts Ramos by video call. When the center defendant is decreasing and seen on the small screen, no keeping more at those present.

“I also come from a small town, so I like the atmosphere in this area,” Carlos said after the game: “It’s just great that football gives one the opportunity to get to know new people, new cultures and other places. I was certainly never in such a place. “

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Roberto Carlos Video Calling Sergio Ramos In Pub

The tooth of the time seems to be no idea for the skills of the 2002 world champion. Player trainer Ed Speller, who bought the winnerless and Carlos thus brought to England, swarmed, “With every touch he had, every pass go directly to the teammate. That’s not easy in this place, but he’s just a class player.”

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