The new edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill includes 50 new shelters

The classic board game. Tradition at House on the Hill is receiving a new edition with new frequented places. Last week, Avalon Hill revealed that he would publish a new edition of tradition at House on the Hill, _ a game with theme of terror in which players work together to explore a mysterious house until one becomes traitor. Earlier this week, anticipated orders were launched for the new edition, which revealed several new details about the changes in the game. Startworn, _tradition in House on the Hill will have 50 new shelters along with a new system to determine which shelter is selected during the game.

While each traition game at House on the Hill begins the same, players eventually play through a scenario known as “Haunt” that determines both the traitor and the victory conditions for that game. A key change in the new edition implies how these shelters are chosen. The complicated Haunt Matrix used in previous editions has been discarded in favor of five scenario letters, which are used to explain the circumstances in which players visit the place. Each stage chart contains 10 wombs, and the most recent omen letter determines both the man and who is the traitor.

Several of the new lairs are “sequelae” of the braids of the original game, but most are new. _Tradition.

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In a function for Polygon earlier this week, the Senior Director of Avalon Hill, Chris Nadeau, insinuated that these new changes in traition would open the game to more expansions in the future. “Secure us that they have an unlimited appetite for new places, be able to introduce more stories about the place to which those places are directed and allowing players the opportunity to go beyond the main game are all the things we were looking for in the future ». “Nadeau said.

Anticipated orders for the new edition of Traition at House on the Hill is now available.

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