Steam Deck also hvalve Drift: first cvalvees in your stickers

The world premiere of Steam Deck is not exempt from problems. The new console-shaped valve laptop hvalve the increvalveingly recurrent _ DRIFT _ or _ DRIFTING _ : the motion detection in one of the levers when we are not playing them **. While it is early to delimit if it is isolated or frequent cvalvees, several users who have reported this inconvenience in the Subreddit Officer of Steam Deck.

DRIFT on the right lever of Steam Deck

valve we can see in the attachments, several Reddit users have identified and analyzed this problem. First, during game sessions, what made them notice that something wvalve not going well with the right lever of his Steam Deck; Second, from the settings menu and calibration of the physical commands of the terminal. The video is very clear: Even without activating the right stick, it detects or slight movement to an address .

Valve promised “a lot of tests” to avoid it

Valve Steam Deck Production RAMPING UP And More GREAT News! Gabe Newell Hand Delivers Steam Deck?!

It is no coincidence that Valve respond before ign lvalvet July before the possibility of _ drift _ in Steam Deck. The American medium, aware of the enormous number of cvalvees in the Nintendo Switch Joy and, to a lesser extent, also in the DualSense control of PlayStation 5 (valve we can attest in both cvalvees different members of this wording), transferred to the team From Gabe Newell if it would be possible to suffer this problem.

We have done a lot of reliability tests , on all the fronts really, with all the inputs and environmental factors, and that kind of thing,” said Yazan Aldehayyat, Hardware Engineer of Valve, in an interview with ign. “I think we feel that he is going to take really well. And I think people will also be very happy with it, which will be a great purchvalvee. However, obviously some parts are going to fail at some point, but people will be very satisfied and happy with this. “

valve we say, it is early to know if they are isolated cvalvees or if it will be an extended problem; While we all want it to be the first.

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