How to make a single bed in Grounded

An object that you can make so that your character is resting in Grounded is a single bed. It is a more formal sleeping arrangement than the backed element that you can make at the beginning of the game, but it requires several additional resources.

How to learn the recipe

To learn how to make a single bed, we had to analyze a raven feather. You can find these feathers at various locations in the yard, especially at the edge of the bird bath in the southern part of the map. The raven drops them and it drags everywhere. We documented it hung around the big lasers, the picnic table and the bird bath where he eats the berries. When you find the raven feather on the floor, make sure you have a level two ax on you to break it down and recover it. After analyzing it, you should have the recipe in your handicraft menu.

How to make the single bed

You need four resources to make it.

  • 4 rods of weeds
  • 2 glans shells
  • 2 pieces of raven feathers
  • 6 woven fibers

GROUNDED UPDATE NEW FURNITURE | New bed tables and fences just added to grounded and how to make

The weed stems, glans shells and woven fibers are the easiest resources to find the four you need. You can make woven fibers by combining two vegetable fibers. Glands are available on the ground near the oak, and you need a one-level hammer to break them. Dandelions are the way you get weed stems. The last element, the raven feathers, is more complicated. They are everywhere in the yard, and you can find them at random, depending on where the crow stole. They seem to cool off every day, so if you do not find it immediately, wait a little and follow the potential path of the raven through the yard.

Once you have all the resources, bring them back to your base to make your bed. It does not require an established, and it replaces your appept, allowing you to sleep and reappear here.

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