DFB-Favorit Neuendorf does not want to international bodies

Favorite Bernd Neuendorf strives in the case of his election to the President of the German Football Federation (DFB) no seats in the top bodies of the World Association FIFA and the European Football Union (UEFA).

The 60-year-old, which is most likely the Bundestag on March 11, wants to leave his counter candidate Peter Peters (FIFA-Council) and the current DFB interim president Rainer Koch (UEFA Executive Committee) in its positions in the associations.

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“We have two experienced representatives at UEFA and FIFA. They are both elected by the UEFA, I also respect that, too,” said Neuendorf the UEFA Executives picture with a view of the two controversial officials: “In a dismissal, these places would not automatically return these places Go to Germany. It would threaten the danger of losing internationally internationally in front of the European Championship. ” The EM finals takes place in Germany in Germany.

Should the will from Neuendorf be implemented, Peters (59) would remain in the FIFA Council by 2024 – although he had no more office in DFB. Koch (63), which will probably be on the DFB Presidium, is sitting by 2025 in the UEFA Executive Committee.

The Plan Neuendorfs appears risky. Finally, Peters and Koch would have to set their differences aside to be able to represent credibly common DFB positions in the bodies.

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