Death Stranding 2 “would go from scratch,” says Hideo Kojima

In an interview with Vautour, Hideo Kojima opened at odds that the death of the death_ could have a follow-up early or later, even if they have few conditions for this to happen.

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Kojima managed to surprise fans and criticisms with exclusivity PS4, released in November, offering a fairly unique vision of the open world mechanism, which led to the mixed criticism that contributed to the 82/100 Metascore. These mixed critics have not surprised the Creator at all.

Nevertheless, the designer and director of Japanese game wishes to do the same with his next game, whether death stranding 2 or something different. Indeed, he shared that he “would go from scratch” for a suite.

Make a suite at Death Stranding Easily allow Kojima to continue working with many Hollywood stars with whom he established the relationship, like Norman Reedus, and with the rich universe he created for the original game; That said, he feels he does not really want to have hands related for the future.

In an interview with the guard, he had revealed that he was already thinking of his next title, and that “it’s a game, but also a movie… No, I’m starting to say it! At the moment, you can Diffuse Esports and people watch it. The next step: a creator creates a game, someone plays it and viewers could also become creators in the future. “

This is not the only index of what will happen to Kojima Productions, however. In another interview with BBC Newsbeat, Hideo Kojima also announced that his studio will soon begin to make The Films, even if he did not reveal if it would be a real action or CGI.

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