How to defeat Belleubek in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Action Horizon Forbidden West occurs immediately after Zero Dawn, and there are several old cars with which Elo has encountered in the previous game. Belowback is a TRANSPORT class machine in Horizon Forbidden West, and players need to know how to defeat it to collect materials and resources.

Each car in Horizon Forbidden West has certain weaknesses and is often vulnerable to a special spontaneous damage. Mechanics are massive and throw shells in Ela, but there are several weak places that players can take advantage. TO ECAKHOVABY , cargo processing bag , sparkker as well as Antenna Weak points on Belowbacks.

Fire fur is weak against frost Ворон and strong against fire damage. Similarly, Acid Bellowback is vulnerable to Washing water – Ron, but resists with acid damage. Frosty mehs weak against Fire – Round and can resist the damage from the cold.

Blindow’s throat is an explosive component, as well as its cargo bag for processing. Players can destroy it or leave untouched to get better prey from these components. Sparkers on the rear of the Bellowback can be disconnected, and they cause an explosion when shot of shock ammunition. The following components are available after the victory over BelowBacks:

  • Metal fragments
  • Machine musculature
  • Metal bone
  • Middle Machine Core
  • Fire canister
  • Braided wire
  • Durable solid plate

Horizon Forbidden West Boss Fight - How To Beat The Tremortusk
* Sylphonic circulator
* Primary Silphon Nerve
* Flying sludge (found only in Cargo Refining SAC)
* membrane blades of the lumbar spine (found only in Cargo Refining SAC)

To collect the volatile sludge and the web of burlap from the fur, players must destroy the car without disconnecting and without blasting its components. To override Belowbacks, players will need to visit IOTA boiler is located far north of the burning spear around Salted bite area, edge.

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