All 5 The Legend of Zelda best-selling history

There are strong arguments to maintain that The Legend of Zelda is the most important and influential franchise throughout the environment, this clear, if we speak exclusively of the artistic part, then on the commercial, unlike what many Think, reality is that Link adventures have never been able to boast as impressive numbers. However, we could not say that the creation of Shigeru Miyamoto is something that people do not spend, because it has an installed base of extremely faithful fans who will always be there and that in recent months, it has come in Franco Growth. Now, with this list it seemed interesting to review which have been the best marketing Zelda of all time.

Ocarina of Time 3D (2011/602 million)

Being a remake of one of the best games of The Legend of Zelda out there, Ocarina of Time 3D had an important task ahead. Fortunately, the product received by the Nintendo 3DS over between 2011 rather than fulfilled this goal and at the end of the day, it became one of the best deliveries of the entire series. Many even say it exceeds the original, but this is still a quite controversial opinion.

The Legend of Zelda (1986 / 6.51 million)

That’s right, the one who started everything. Even though by the mid-1980s there were already games of games that sought to give us complete freedom, the reality is that Nintendo was the company that managed to land that concept correctly, causing a true revolution that in its time, hit as a Locomotive at all steam. “The adventure that never ends” was one of the phrases with which The Legend of Zelda was sold, title that left us in the middle of an immense map full of secrets, dungeons and all kinds of surprises so that we discovered. A new legend was born and despite its great initial success, few imagined what was going to become and what would be achieving three decades later.

Ocarina of Time (1998/7.6 million)

Most popular Zelda Game (1986-2020)
The nineties had arrived and with them, hardware much more capable that brought a new revolution for the environment at the table. We said goodbye to our beautiful 2D sprites, to give rise to what was thought, was the true future of videogames: polygonal assets in three dimensions. The change was much harder than expected, and very few series that made history in the age of 8, 16 and 32 bits, they could make the transition correctly. Ocarina of Time was the title in charge of taking Zelda to the new stage, achieving it from an impressive way that paralyzed the world at the time. The scale of the adventure that we live at the time simply had never been seen, turning this game into a true myth that follows our days and that clearly, they were worth being a commercial event in the not so successful Nintendo 64.

Twilight Princess (2006/8.85 million)

After the Gamecube could not even approach the PS2 at the time, Nintendo was ready to go out in search of a new market and let his competitors take another way. They knew that the Wii pointed to casual players and even those who did not consume videogames, however, it was also in mind that the most passionate fans could not be neglected. For this reason, it was decided that Twilight Princess had a port for the new console in its launch, even this version would be launched before the “password generation”. The beat of the Great N was a success. His movement controls marvel to the world and just as expected, a new and numerous group of clients joined the cause. As a side effect, the new link adventure that by the way, left the precious graphics cel shade from The Wind Waker, sold much more than expected.

BREATH OF THE WILD (2017 / 25.8 million)

In the midst of a compromising situation for Nintendo after the failure of the Wii U, something truly strong was required to replace the brand in a privilege site. The promising switch looked, but required a game that would cause stir for people to talk about the arrival of a new console. Breath of the Wild appeared to show that the worn open world games had space to continue evolving, this by means of a map that truly gave us freedom of exploration and that clearly, was full of great moments that have remained for posterity. In addition to being considered as one of the best video games of all time, Link’s most recent adventure has become the best sold from the series, because even at the time, there were more copies of this title in his version of switch In the hands of users, you own switch sold. Yes, a true madness.

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