How to improve thematic skills in Pokemon Masters EX

Thematic skills are the skills that are specific for individual synchronization steam, but can be used in tandem with other synchronization pairs for even stronger teams. These themed skills may vary from the type of pair of synchronization, the region from which they occur, and much more to ensure remuneration, such as additional HP for this particular synchronization pair.

Each pair of synchronization has up to five different thematic skills which can be updated with skills . For each update, a different number of skills is required Therefore, it would be better to first purchase as much as possible before updating thematic skills .

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To go to the window where you can update your themed skills You want to start from the selection Pairs synchronization at the bottom of the main game screen. Then you want to choose thematic skills Option from this menu.

Then you will be provided with all synchronization pairs available for updating. Thematic skills . The synchronization pairs that you have already updated to the maximum amount will be at the top of this list and will not be marked with a blue arrow above the image.

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