Easy trick on Lost Ark: How to get 44 days of aura crystalline free

Ten days after its launch in the West, Lost Ark continues to attract a huge amount of players daily. Amazon Games has been successful with this title watching his enormous potential in South Korea when he debuted in 2019.

However, its premiere in Europe and the rest of the world has not been rid of the usual problems with the servers when there is a great influx of avid players to try the new fashion game. Hence, also to be provided a posteriori rewards to mitigate this kind of inconveniences. And one of the gifts we can take advantage of is that of crystalline aura … with trick to older so that the days to be redeemed more than two weeks.

what is the crystalline aura of Lost Ark

First of all you have to explain what is that about crystalline aura at Lost Ark . It is nothing that we have not seen in other games of the same style: it is basically an object that we will provide different benefits while it is active **, how to increase the experience obtained, reduce the cost of certain rates or shorten a series of times, Among another series of additional advantages. You could say that it is a kind of trap that allows the game to help us as soon as possible.

Specifically, this is Everything that a crystalline aura will report us :

  • Free pieces of pieces
  • Transatlantic rates -50%
  • Daily affinity action attempts +1
  • Natural recovery of work energy + 10%
  • BiFrost spaces usable +2
  • Return song recovery time -50%
  • Research time of the fortress -10%
  • Fortress manufacturing time -10%
  • Fortress shipping mission time -10%
  • Basic recovery of strength action energy + 10%
  • Place of Training of Fortaleza
  • Unlocked definitive stress destroyer (EXP per minute = 7,000)
  • Crystal patron title (while the benefit lasts)
  • Mascot-use function (while the benefit lasts)

How to get 44 days without paying anything

While within the payment content for Lost Ark is part of the claim the possibility of obtaining 30 days of crystalline Aura of blow and perrazo, as you have seen if you have joined the West Europe Server , is That in his rewards to claim figure one that offers you crystalline aura for free for 14 days .

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It is part of one of the session benefits, before what you will have created a first and completed character (or omitted) the prologue until the game really begins and you can join a session with more people.

** And how to get the rest of 30 days for free? 30 days of crystalline aura “. That while there are so many objects in the store it is very easy to overlook this detail…

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