Nexon, Blue Archive Service 100 Day Memorial Happy 100th Day Event

Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyon) will win the ‘Happy 100th Day’ event for 100 days of servicing game ‘Blue Archive’, which is developed by Net Games (representative Park Yong-hyun), a subsidiary Co., Ltd.

First, we present the game goods ‘Blue Suk’s 100’ to all users who have been connected by the heart of gratitude. In addition, a variety of ‘online LANGZ’, which can be owned online, including digital notes, stickers, wallpapers, and sound reconciliations.

Digital notes are made up of annual calendars, monthly planners, line note, grids, and grids designed as characters, and stickers are made of ‘Momo Friends’, ‘Institute Emblem’, ‘Dongco Emblum’, ‘Malu Emoticon’, did.

In addition, we present 40 species of wallpapers available in PC, tablet, mobile, and smart watch, and provide a digital sound source for many users such as ‘Target for Love’ and the “Unwelcome School Piano Jazz Ver”.

“I prepared a gift of” Online Lanzhou Goods “,” I prepared a gift of “Online Lanzhou Goods”, “I would like to have a ‘online Lango Goods’ gift to replace the love and interest that users sent.”

The ‘Blue Archive’ ‘Happy 100th Day’ can be found through the official community.

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