GTA 1991: Fans want San Andreas

GTA San Andreas fans have been a kind of prequel for quite some time. This could better illuminate the legend history of the game and answer some of the unanswered questions. Exactly that is now taking some modders themselves in hand: GTA 1991 should become a very extensive prequel mod and bring light into the darkness of the story.

GTA 1991-Mod is to tell prehistory to San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas | The Completionist

It’s about it: In GTA: San Andreas we experience the story from the perspective of CJ. He notes that a lot has changed when he comes back home. The game is located in 1992 and we only heard second hand how Grove Street has looked like earlier or what is actually happening at all.

This leads to the events in GTA San Andreas more often leave one or the other question marks, because, for example, it remains unclear as it came to developments. Since Developer Studio Rockstar Games failed some more scenic explanations.

But fortunately there are Modder: They want to start exactly here and telling the prehistory of San Andreas in a comprehensive prequel mod. She should illuminate the background and play in 1991. More depth and explanations, the mod necrific SCHTA 1991, with the help of the main character Little Devil, which, according to official Lore, died sometime between 1987 and 1992.

What’s going to come there? This is not exactly that it is not yet fixed, but planned is apparently one of the most extensive and most ambitious mods published for the GTA series so far. With new vehicles, weapons, characters, your own story and more.

When is GTA 1991? That is not yet fixed. A first demo chapter is still planned for publication this month. Here you will find the GTA 1991 thread in the MOD forum. Of course, of course, whether the mod ever is really finished and how long she stays online. Rockstar Games and Publisher Take Two are known to act against such fan projects:

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They only wanted bugs to fix:

GTA-Modder defend himself against taking TWO complaint


Especially by the publication of the Remaster version of GTA San Andreas in GTA: The Trilogy – The Defined Edition, the interest in the prehistory of the Open World classic should have risen significantly. Remains only to hope that the MOD will eventually be playable completely completely and somehow finds your way on the consoles.

What do you think of a San Andreas-Prequel?

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