Will Martha Is Dead be censored on xbox, PlayStation or PC?

Martha Is Dead spawned expectations from a rather terrible and graphic game. Unlike many other horror games, the game does not plan to restrain in terms of blood. It was disturbed by some fans with the possibility of censorship.

Martha is Dead PlayStation Censorship vs Xbox & PC

Will Martha Is Dead be subjected to censorship on xbox or PC?

In versions of Martha Is Dead for Xbox and PCs were concerns that players will receive a version of the game process with reduced quality. Fortunately For Xbox players and the PCs of their version of Martha IS Dead will remain unchanged and will not be subjected to censorship. In any case. These players will be able to enjoy violence, blood and horror Martha Is Dead in continuous mode.

Will Martha Is Dead be censored on PlayStation?

February 11, 2022, Wired Productions (Publisher Martha Is Dead). Announced in their tweet that the Martha IS Dead version for PS4 and PS5 will require censorship and even complete deletion of certain scenes from the game. Specific details were not reported, but it was confirmed that the physical edition of the game for PlayStation consoles will also be postponed to an unnamed date. Sad, Playstation version MARTHA IS Dead will be censored .

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