“Pretty sure” last games

“Health is fine,” said the 33-year-old on Friday at a press conference of the German team in Zhangjiakou. Tags before, Frenzel had with his teammates Vinzenz Geiger, Manuel Faitst and gained Julian Schmid the silver medal during the winter games. He had taken the subsequent award ceremony. It was not until Monday Frenzel had been released from quarantine after a corona infection in China.

“I believe that in my life, I was not in my life yet – and that’s what I want to say, at the time I’ve already run the sport,” said the Routinian. When looking at the television pictures you could have thought on Thursday that Frenzel even spit blood. “Fortunately, I can say that there was no blood that it was just one of the markings for the change zone area,” he said.

Anticipation on family “very big”

After hard days in isolation and the subsequent sporting success, Frenzel is looking forward to his family. The anticipation is “very big,” said the Sakse. “I am definitely looking forward to finally come home to have the family back in the arms and knowing, it’s all picked up now.”

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Frenzel again confirmed that it was pretty sure his last winter games in China. This is “very likely,” he said. “I do not think I’m going to start again in four years as an active athlete.”

Frenzel won seven medals at Olympia and became three times Olympic champion.

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