Paradox Interactive publishes a report on their work culture after recognizing the study situation

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PARADOX INTERACTIVE has published an external report on the labor culture of the study after recognizing the situation in its offices last year. In September, an internal survey revealed that 44% of the 133 employees who participated declare have suffered “ill-treatment” in the company, something that uncovered a presumed culture of abuse and gender discrimination. The recent report, in fact, is part of the initiatives that decided to carry out at the time of knowing these data, and the Swedish signature Gender Balance has been carried out, specialized in cases of harassment and discrimination.

The general results coincide with the experiences revealed in the survey published in September and the statements of its employees in interviews with Eurogamer and the Suevo Svenska newspaper, where they detailed abuses and prevailing toxicity in the study, as well as the “culture of silence” that protects the reputation of the culprits. In this case, it is confirmed that these behaviors arise from cultural problems that foster their misconduct, something that especially affects women.

Mattias Lilja, head of Paradox staff, has issued a statement accordingly in which he stands out that “total transparency is the best way to move forward and address the problems and behaviors that have been identified.” «On February 7, 2022, GENDER BALANCE delivered the final report and the recommendations of its audit; It was shared with all the employees of Paradox shortly after, “Lilja points out. «Now we are reaching the bottom of this and we have a concrete image of the problem. The report is a first step so that we can actually address these problems and close the confidence gap that exists. All should feel safe in Paradox and prosper, and it is our responsibility to guarantee it ».

Although it indicates that the agency did not find “so many serious cases taking into account the size of Paradox”, a series of events described as “serious or manifest sexual harassment” are recognized, and have been found with extended cases in a generalized manner that they include “Inappropriate / unpleasant suppression techniques and jargon”, which are “significantly more common”. These are behaviors that include “the use of hard and degrading language, ridicule, recurrent petty criticism, unjustly questioning competition, interrupting or talking over someone at meetings, and blaming and embarrassed», something that occurs Especially on the part of men, although some women of the senior positions “are also perpetrators with a certain frequency of certain repression techniques.”

Several employees have also reported “praise or comments not requested on their appearance” or “questioning their competence in a way that does not happen with male colleagues,” some facts that force them to “minimize their contact with certain people, Put a hard façade or have to announce that they are in a relationship so as not to receive unwanted insinuations from male colleagues ».

In relation to the most serious cases, the staff director explains that the dismissal of those who have caused them because “it was not a legally permissible measure, and the gravity level did not justify that we recurred the police,” although yes. Indicates that “other measures have entered into play.”

Regarding the way of addressing these problems by the Paradox Directive, GENDER BALANCE points out that “managers lack the training and support structure that would constructively manage the incidents of misconduct and adhere to the DL and AFS [the Swedish Act against Discrimination and the Book of Statutes of the Authority of the Labor Environment] ». This fact causes that “many cases that should be relatively easy to manage are dismissed or not taken into account, which creates a climate that tolerates misconduct”, with processes that “lack transparency”, contradicting the declarations of Lilja

The next step will be to create an action plan in collaboration with Gender Balance, those responsible for the company, the union representatives and the HR department in order to achieve more changes to better, with a next revision that will be published in autumn. “This report is an important step to make paradox a workplace where everyone feels safe and can enjoy their work,” says Lilja. “We are deeply grateful with all those who took a step forward in the process of this audit.”

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