2x Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch to win

Play the prologue demo of Triangle Strategy, answered a question and wins the role-playing game for the switch.

In a good two weeks, Triangle Strategy appears the latest work of Tomoya Asano, who has already proven with Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default, that he can mix modern elements skillfully with classic role-playing aspects. Similar to Octopath Traveler, the developers also use Triangle Strategy to an unusual graphic style, which is described as “HD-2D”.

What is it?

In Triangle Strategy, three nations fight for control over the dwindling iron and salt resources. She slips into the role of Serenoa, heritage of Haus Wolffort, who leads a group of warriors. In the course of the game, you will always make decisions that affect your mind, which in turn is divided into useful thinking, morality and freedom. Depending on how you decide, this affects Serenoas world view. These decisions are so far-reaching that not only the fate of whole nations, but even the whole continent Norzelia of you is determined.

That’s how you do it!

For some days you can make yourself a picture of the tactical role play, because Nintendo and Square Enix offer a prologue demo to the title that enables you to experience the first three chapters of this rousing story. Afterwards you can transfer your progress to the final game when it appears on March 4th. Suitable for this you can win two copies of Triangle Strategy for the Nintendo Switch. You only have to play the demo and answer the following question:

Why thanks Sereno’s father and passes him the line?

We've Played Triangle Strategy - Is It Any Good?
* He wants to devote himself to other topics.
* His health is too bad.

The correct answer to the question is sent to her with the subject “Triangle Strategy” ** until March 1, 2022 at 23:59 clock [email protected] Default.6 With a little luck, the game lands punctually to the release in your mailbox.

Lucky wishes the team of Bravely Default! _

To demo by Triangle Strategy!

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