The Crossover of the NBA of Fortnite returns with a vote of the community

The NBA has once again returned to a new live collaboration now in the Battle Royale game to celebrate the 75 League season and the next game of stars of the NBA. This means that there is a new NBA center called «NBA 75 All-Star Hub» so that the players explore it, as well as to acquire new and old attire. For the first time, fortnite Players will also be able to issue their votes within the game to decide which emoticon will be added during this event.

Of all new features, the emotional vote is perhaps the greatest attraction, as it asks players to get involved in the event. To issue your votes, you can go to NBA LANE at the NBA theme center, where you will see a screen that will ask you to vote. The options for the new emoticon include three different celebrations, but only one of them will be added to the game.

«For the first time, fortnite Players can vote in the game for a future emote!” A preview of the new central area and its characteristics is explained. «Live now until 10 a.m. Including basketball courts covered and outdoors, photomatones and rest areas. The outdoor area is a section of ‘NBA LANE’, a wink to the NBA season campaign in NBA celebration 75! »

Players can vote five times a day with the possibilities of voting live until February 23. After that, the winning emoticon will be announced on social networks. You can also collect things like a new NBA spray from the center with additional missions available so that players are completed during the event.

For those who want a new attire from the NBA or some of the old ones that were previously available will have the opportunity to take care of that now. The old “in the paint set” is back with the uniforms of the 30 NBA teams together with two additional uniforms added this time. There is also another specific set for this event that is available to buy.

The NBA Is Back In Fortnite!
«There are ten sets in the NBA 75 assembly, each with three styles of a different color: predetermined diamond, red and gray,” said Epic Games. “In addition, show a holographic logo of any of the 30 teams in the league with the Beacon Back Bling of the NBA! You can change the equipment you want to represent in your locker ».

Fortnite The new NBA event is now available on all available platforms.

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