“BattleField 2042” Calls a discussion and revealing the “reason not to reply with reddit”. How to get along with the rough community

The community manager involved in “ Battlefield 2042 ” expresses a policy that does not reply to the overseas bulletin board reddit post. There seems to be the waves of the problem with the problem with the problem with the problem.

“Battlefield 2042” is the latest work of Multi-Play FPS “Battlefield” series. Up to 128 people (PS4 / Xbox One is up to 64 people). This work continues from the user, such as a lot of defects and performance issues, such as a lot of defects and performance issues. Although developing sides are also superimposed, STEAM user reviews and SNS continue to be invested in works.

In addition, there was also a single “BattleField 2042” development of the development side of the development side. At first early this year, the EA staff posted an opinion that “Holiday needs to rest for the development team.” In a series of posts, there was a banner who called for the fans to say “it’s too cruel to respond while holidays”. In addition, the main workpiece of the overseas bulletin board REDIT DIT 20042 also darked the rough pattern, and the calling board model rating team has reached a statement that the community temporary closure was also in view (related articles).

And this time, even again, the remarks of the development staff seemed to be a controversial. Mr. Adam Freeman, who serves as a global community manager in this work, says that “Do not reply to reddit posts” at its own Twitter account. He also describes the details and intention of the policy in a series of tweets.

It was a tweet by Linus Josephson, who was the “Battlefield V” design director. First of all, he commented that “Battlefield 2042” has not been involved in “Battlefield 2042” from fans. Although he’s the name of His, although he’s the name of his name, at least nowadays will not be in a position related to the same work. And, as a feedback destination, I introduce the Freeman’s Twitter account mentioned above.

Then, the fan is a reply to Josephson ‘s “Twitter or Reddit, and the community manager is silent”. How should he contact you, and the community manager pose a question that he was doing 1. There was a community manager Freeman appeared. First of all, if you want to contact me directly, he would like to talk directly on Twitter, and showed the intention to explain if you were confusing. Soon he is stuck in mind that it does not reveal the formally not yet announced.

And the description that brought a lot came out the next tweet. Mr. Freeman admits to the point of holding silence with redit, and says “It is not worthwhile to be a constructive environment (REDDIT). Furthermore, he suggested that the community has occurred in the staff, etc.

However, Mr. Freeman tells that feedback in the community is ready. He also showed the view that there is a certain suggestion for the community of what kind of nature. That is, he says that, in view of the situation of the current / R / Battlefield 2042, the reply as the development side is avoided, but it is said that the opinions to be investigated are properly received. Freeman will later post a series of policies to another related community of Reddit, and commented that feedback is welcome.

On the other hand, this Freeman’s statement seems to be received from the / R / Battlefield2042 users. In the same community, it is also possible to have a color dark as “because it does not reply. In addition, comments to deceive with him are also a rough pattern. For “BattleField 2042”, the EA side is also officially recognized as “I did not get the results in line with the expectation”, and a schedule delay such as the season postponement also occurs. There is a face that can not be criticized by the consumer side (related articles).

However, “Freeman” said, “The current random community does not have a constructive dialogue” as only a reply. In addition, although interaction with the community is important, it is also a company’s choice, whether to make that channel on the official site or to Twitter. Under these circumstances, it can be said that it is appropriate to avoid comments at high risk of harassment and slandering. Also, if the development side does not show any words, the community criticism will not stop if no improvement is shown throughout updates. The future correspondence of developer EA / DICE should be a key to the future of this work.

“BattleField 2042” is currently on sale for PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S.

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