Snoop Dogg could reach Call of Duty

While Snoop Dogg could now be concentrated in preparing for his performance during the Super Bowl’s part-time, it seems that the world-renowned rapper could also attend Call of Duty in the future. Although this idea may sound incredibly unbalanced at the beginning, the incorporation of snoop to the duty: war zone_ or _vanguardia, somehow it would be in line with some other extravagant crosses that each title has had in recent memory. And although it remains to be seen how Snoop Dogg would really look at the game, we may not have to wait too much for more information.

Snoop says rappers have the same style (AKA and Cassper Nyovest too)

According to the informant of Call of Duty Tom Henderson, it is currently being considered that Snoop Dogg comes to both zona of war and vanguardia in the form of a new operator. Given the improbable that this idea sounds on paper, Henderson emphasized that he “was not joking” about this information at all. No more details related to when Snoop could reach any of the titles, although the fact that this information has begun to be filtered first could mean that Activision could have something to say about it soon enough.

Over the years, Snoop Dogg has continued to express himself by strongly the love of him by video games, which has led him to appear in titles as Def Jam, Onloquecer, nhl and crimen true. In fact, Snoop has also had presence in Call of Duty in the past with Call of Duty: Ghosts When he became a multiplayer sandbigger that fans could download as DLC. With all this in mind, it seems that Snoop Dogg itself would be very open to appear in -duty: war zone or vangugia as an operator, assuming that Activision would seek to have it. If there are more details of this collaboration officially announced in the future, we will make sure to let you know here at

What do you think about the idea that Snoop Dogg comes to _ Duty: war zone_ and vanguardia? Is this something that you would love you personally, or would you completely get you out of the experience? Let me know your own instinctive reaction, either in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

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