Pokemon Legends: Arceus – All DevelopmentItems & How You Get

In our Guide to the DevelopmentIems in Pokémon Legends: Arceus Learn:

  • Where your development item can buy
  • Which development items there are and how much you cost
  • Where your development item finds free

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Where can I get the development items?

Crafting Guide for Pokemon Legends Arceus

Most DevelopmentItems in Pokémon Legends: Arceus can buy Felicitas in Jubeldorf for Thankability Points (DP). Thankfrance points you will receive if you collect the bags of other players in the regions. Just open the card and you should directly see several bags.

However, there are two developmentites that Felicitas does not have on offer: peatblock and black suction . You can get black suction, if you are catching or defeating a Georok (who sometimes carry the item at themselves) or travels to a space-time distortion. All information about the event can be found in the linked guide. Where you best get a peat block, you will learn in our great Ursaluna Guide.

Which development items are there and what do you cost?

In the following table, we reveal you how many thankfulness points have to issue you to Felicitas for the individual development institutions and for which Pokémon you can use them.

DevelopmentItem | Which Pokémon can use it? | Costs (DP)

Leaf stone | Evoli develops to Folipurba and Hisui-Voltobal to Hisui-Lectral. | 1,000
Donnerstein | Devoli develops to Straßa and Pikachu to Raichu. | 1,000
DubiosDisc | Developed Porygon2 to Porygon z. | 1,400
Dallestum | Develops for twirring fountain. | 1,400
Eisstein | Devoli develops to Glaciola. | 1,000
Feuerstein | Evoli develops to Flamara, Vulpix to Vulnona and Hisui-Fukano to Hisui-Arkani. | 1,000
Finsterstein | Developed Kramurx to Kramshef and Traunfugil to TraunMagil. | 1,200
Funkelstein | Develops Kirlia (male) to Galagladi and Kirlia (female) to Frosdedje. | 1,200
Light stone | Develop Roselia to Roserade and Togetic to Togekiss. | 1,200

Magmaiser | Develop Magmar to Magbrant. | 1,400
Metal coat | Develops Onix to Stahlos and Lichlor to Scherox. | 1,000
Moonstone | Develops beepi to Pixi. | 1,000
Oval Stone | Develop Wonneira to Chaneira. | 400
Sharpenklaue | Develops Hisui-Sniebel to Sniebs. | 1,400
Sharpening | Develop Skorgla to Skorgro. | 1,400
Protector | Developed Rizeros to Rihornior. | 1,400
Schwarzaugit | Develop Licher to Axantor. | Can not be bought
Sunstone | Developed Lilminip to Hisui-Dressella. | 1,000
Electricizer | Developed elektk to Elevoltek. | 1,400
Peat Block | Develops Urs Aring to Ursaluna. | Can not be bought
Up-grade | Developed corygon to corygon2. | 1,000
Connection cord | Developed Kadabra to Simsala, Machock to Machomei, Georok to Geowaz and Alpollo to Gengar. | 1,000
Waterstone | Devoli develops to Aquana. | 1,000

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