LOST ARK, delayed launch, down servers

Launched in preview on February 8 in the West, Lost Ark is a victim of its success since the official launch of the MMORPG on February 11 will be delayed, while the servers are down for a few hours. It seems that the teams have a long day of planning since Lost Ark has now been down since this morning, blocking access to the game for players who have bought a founder pack.

Updated : Update from February 11th at 18h, the studio confirms that the situation should last at least a few hours.

Official launch of Lost Ark delayed

The official launch scheduled for February 11 for all players, is thus delayed by at least a few hours. Developers are optimistic about, while MMORPG fans hopes to connect as soon as possible.

The game is probably the victim of its success since the Free-To-Play already knew long tail periods to connect during the Early Access phase.

Lost Ark Launch DELAYED, deployment issues cited, here's the details

DOWN servers on the

For the moment, the servers have been down for a few hours, with a maintenance that started at the end of the castle. The latter had to prepare the servers on the arrival of the players who did not buy a founder pack, so having no access to the game in preview.

Following the success of the initial launch, the studio had planned new servers and restrictions to prevent FULL servers even more loaded. Potentially, problems have occurred at this level, which explains the current situation.

This is for our article about the DOWN server and delayed launch issues for the official launch of the MMORPG LOST ARK. You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on hours.

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