Strong Move, Wow is not to save: Microsoft reader about Activision

So slowly the dust settles and the games landscape calmed down. Now it remains to be seen whether the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft is not rubber-stamped by the responsible committees. And until then, the ideal places to speculate about what might actually happen in the long term after the final acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft, but also the entire industry.

your opinion about the deal

We had already as part of a larger Specials disassembled Activision takeover with possible effects . but we also wanted to know what you think of the action and you have what hopes and fears for the time after the deal. Say: It was Time for a survey .

In the first question of the survey, we wanted to know from you how to evaluate the acquisition principle. The result: “Strong action Microsoft Of the quality of Activision games will profitieren.!” There were also quite a number of readers who are not so optimistic: almost half of the participants chose answer option first 27.20 percent have chosen the answer “dangerous A move for the industry. At some point, we have only three or four” big players “that the market bestimmen.” decided. To get additional 16.27 percent who believe that Microsoft on maximizing their profits and will therefore not change much.

The hopes of the Microsoft-reader

When asked about your hopes for the Activision deal you could choose one or more answer options. The share of the vote, therefore, give added no 100 percent. Here is the result:

  • I am Game Pass customer and am already looking forward to all the new arrivals. \ – 30.46 percent of the survey participants
  • Microsoft will dig out one way or another trademark of Activision for future projects, a good thing! \ – 34.77 percent
  • If Activision Blizzard is now cleaned up. Away with Bobby Kotick and other negative influences. \ – 56.06 percent
  • Thanks to the Game Pass strategy’s now back more room for experimentation and good games that can exist without “Games as a Service” structure at Activision teams. \ – 29.38 percent
  • The acquisition will have a positive impact on existing titles like WoW . – 35.85 percent
  • I’m looking forward to new AAA announcements for Warcraft, Starcraft and Diablo. \ – 37.74 percent
  • Hopefully uses Microsoft’s new synergies and resources for the development of new IPs. \ – 26.68 percent
  • Other acquisitions will follow what is good for us players. \ – 10.24 percent

  • I am very hopeful free when it comes to the deal. \ – 15.63 percent

The fears of the Microsoft-reader

Even when asked about your fears could ye select multiple response options. The result:

  • The Xbox Game Pass is full, but also more expensive. \ – 40.17 percent
  • I prefer playing on the Playstation and I see long black for release on the Sony console. \ – 14.81 percent
  • I fear that hardly anything will change at Activision. Even Bobby Kotick will stay with us. \ – 22.22 percent
  • Microsoft can not do magic and then turn the ailing World of Warcraft suddenly the MMORPG hit of yesteryear. \ – 51.00 percent
  • Activision Blizzard on their conscience, Activision, Microsoft will have on his conscience. \ – 15.10 percent
  • Other acquisitions will follow, what is bad for us players. \ – 19.66 percent

What Activision brands should definitely get new games?

With the acquisition, there is a chance that Microsoft one way or another dusty Activision brand will pick up from the cellar. Overlooking the Xbox Game Pass, it may be also that we can expect some of the hottest franchises again that do not work as “games as a service”.

We had asked you who should get to have new games Activision brands from your point of view. Here, the 15 franchises with the most nominations:

  1. Warcraft – 74.52 percent
  2. Diablo – 53.97 percent
  3. Starcraft – 41.10 percent
  4. Overwatch – 20.82 percent
  5. Call of Duty – 18.90 percent
  6. Empire Earth – 18.63 percent
  7. Heroes of the Storm – 17.53 percent
  8. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater – 17.26 percent
  9. Spyro the Dragon – 16.44 percent
  10. Crash Bandicoot – 15.07 percent
  11. The Lost Vikings – 12.05 percent
  12. Soldier of Fortune – 11.51 percent

Major News About The Microsoft Activision Acquisition
13. Guitar Hero – 11.23 percent
14 Prototype – 10.68 percent
15. witches – 10.41 percent

How do you estimate the answers of the survey participants? What answers would have you chosen? Betray us in the comments!

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