SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the live ticker

In the 2nd Bundesliga, the SC Paderborn receives the team of Dynamo Dresden. The game is here now in the live ticker.

The SC Paderborn meets Dynamo Dresden in the 2nd Bundesliga. Does the guests succeed an important victory in the relegation battle? In our LiveTicker you do not miss a game scene.

In addition to the live ticker to this game, we also offer a parallel game HSV Vs. Heidenheim.

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – the statistics for the game

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden – 0: 0 (0: 0)

Goals |
Installation SC Paderborn | Huth – Justvan, Hüneier, Van der Werff, Yalcin (Schuster 61) – Thalhammer, Schallenberg, Klement – Srbeny (plate 61.), Muslija, Prömer
Position Dynamo Dresden | Mitryuskin – Lion, Ehlers, Sollfewauer, Akoto – Cade, Strong, Schröter – Borrello (Königsdöffer 46.), Batista Meier, Drchal
yellow cards | Yalcin (6th), Akoto (48.)

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SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker – 0: 0

71. | Justvan with a great action on the left wing, with a felt he lets two opposing defenders in the empty slide. The subsequent cross is also very good! Ehlers can just clarify, the thing goes just over the crossbar to the corner! That in turn remains without yield.

67. | It’s sand in the gear of the SC Paderborn. It is a sleepy event. The double change of Kwasniok does not carry any fruits. Here you have to pronounce the guests from Dresden but also a compliment. In addition to the distance shots from the first passage, nothing is still burned here. A very solid and disciplined performance.

63. | Schröter sprints over the left side, goes into dribbling and then hangs in the lawn. After all, a corner football jumps out, but it does not help.

61. | Srbeny’s closing time, Felix plate replaced him. ****

61. | Time for a double change: Schuster comes in for Yalcin. ****

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – Double change at Paderborn

58. | The fans become impatient, Kwasniok also looks more excited at the side line. Dresden remains stable in the defensive.

55. | Maybe now helps a corner. Klement lays down the ball on the left side. In the middle he finds no customer, Dresden can clarify.

52. | The second half continues to do where the first stopped. Anyone who wanted to see a beautiful football game has lost himself in Paderborn today.

48. | Akoto moves the tactical foul in midfield, but there is rightly the warning.

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Livetick – Yellow Card Akoto (Dresden)

46. | Dresden pushes the second pass.

46. | Dresden uses the break for a change: Königdörffer comes in for Borrello. ****

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Liveticker – first change at Dresden

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the live ticker – start of the 2nd half

Halftime | It is not an offensive fireworks here. There is neither individual Patzer, nor playful treats. The initial phase belonged to the hosts who play a few fans in the back with after all. Dresden kept the pressure but stood and was able to radiate some risk with a few now. But there were always the decisive last passes. The final phase of the first half then belonged again to the households who have discovered the remedy of the spacer. Muslija and the climate failed, however, extremely scarce. Overall, both teams are missing the courage and the puncture force.

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga now in the Livetick – Pause!

45. + 1. | Fickery. On time it goes into the cabins. ****

42. | Again it is Klement, again it is the same situation as two minutes ago, again the ball goes very close to the right post! Like a copy! Now Dresden should be in eight, the next one is sure to be more dangerous!

40. | The distance shot is currently the proven resource. Klement is now trying to leave links with a low shot in the right corner. Knapped the leather past the housing.

37. | Now also the thick possibility for Paderborn! Muslija takes out of the priority outside the penalty area. With a very nasty flight curve, the thing lowers in the left lower corner. Mitryushkin grabs a sensational parade and resists the corner. He then brings nothing.

34. | Lion now has the faxing thickness and pulls off the distance! The ball flies tightly in the left corner, the net wobbles, the dynamo pendant cheer! But the thing hit only the external network. It takes a few seconds until the guest supporters have understood, yet this was a really strong chance and thus the best of the game!

30. | Half an hour is now around. After Paderborn has occurred very dominant in the initial phase, the guests make more operation here. The houses are deep and holey. Otherwise, the game is still not a treat. We still have not seen such a real canoe opportunities.

25. | Now Huth has to intervene! After a Dresden corner from the left side, the ball comes to Cade on the short post. The header goes exactly on Huth, who fishes the thing out of the air.

24. | Batista Meier goes through the entire opposing half, then looks Borrello on the left side starting, but the pass is gruesome. When that comes in the foot, there is the grand chance! So the ball goes rather towards the goal line, no danger!

21. | Pröinder goes to the left outside to one-to-1. Afterwards, the flat crossing comes in the back of the defense, but srbeny missed.

19. | Dresden can now settle in the opposing half. A right scorer does not jump out, but at least there is a longer ball possession passage.

15. | Lion gets something again, this time he climbs clement on the foot. Three crosses when he comes home today without blessing.

13. | The first score of the game goes to the households! After a nice combination of Klement and Muslija, Srbeny comes to the shot in the penalty area. But from about 13 meters the thing comes in safe to the center of the gate. No problem for Mitryushkin.

12. | So fast the printing phase has come, so fast she is already over again.

10. | After this action, however, there is the first printing phase for Paderborn, the home owners are now pushing forward. The spectators also give full throttle – there were between 3500 and 4000 fans in the stadium.

9. | Mitryushkin runs a ball against Thalhammer. Very courageous, Thalhammer would almost come to Ran. Ultimately, the ball then goes to the goal out.

6. | Chris Lion runs on the side line a ball well, Robin Yalcin riversy and grasp the outer chest. He sees the first yellow card of the game – rightly!

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga now in the Livetick – Yalcin yellow card (Paderborn)

6. | It is a very interesting initial phase. Paderborn has more possession of possession and has more offensive approaches. Dresden so far defends very solid everything away. When the possibility results, the guests are also well pressed.

2. | Paderborn runs all in blue here, Dresden carries white jerseys and white pants.

1. | kick-off. Paderborn stops the first pass. .

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga today in the live ticker – before starting

Before starting: The current form after it is hard to name a favorite today. The direct comparison for recent years also does not help us. Since 2013, there were seven games between Dresden and Paderborn. Three of them won Dresden, three has won Paderborn and a 2: 2 draw was also there.

Before starting: **** Dresden is in the table right in front of Rostock and Hannover. All the more annoying that no victory was in it against these two teams. While one agreed with Hanover still on a 0-0, it sat down last week 1: 4 home to Rostock. After nine points from four games, Dynamo had made a greater jump in the table at the end of last year. This lead on the spreadsheet shelters Dresden currently seems to be backed up: Four games are waiting for today’s guests to a threesome.

Before starting: **** At Paderborn this season would have been so much more in it, if not least this weakness phase would have been. Between November and December there were five games that could not be won. Against Hannover, Rostock and Sandhausen there were only draws, against Darmstadt and Heidenheim even defeats. In the new year you had the big hope after the 2-1 win in Nuremberg then it would go uphill again. Bremen (3: 4) and St.Pauli (2: 2) but had something.

Before starting: **** Dresden is there more in the Bredouille. With 24 points and 22:30 goals you stand four points in front of Fortuna Dusseldorf on the 16th place, but the Fortuna has just changed the coach and would have to be more ambitious than the current table space. The last word is not spoken. A few dots of dynamo are definitely good.

Before starting: **** Let’s take a look at the table: The SC Paderborn stands with 31 points and a goal ratio of 38:28 on the 8th place. More table midfield is not really possible. Seven points distance to the relegation place upwards, eleven on the relegation place down.

Before starting: **** After the 1: 4 defeat, coach Schmidt also takes a few changes: Akoto comes for Becker right into the defense. In the midfield Mörschel stays outside, but Schröter is there. In the offensive, there are two new, kingdoors and DAVERNER have to give ways with Borrello and Drchal.

Before starting: **** Dresden runs in this formation: Mitryuskin – Lion, Ehlers, Sollaber, Akoto – Cade, Strong, Schröter – Borrello, Batista Meier, Drchal.

Before starting: **** Kwasniok thus takes a few changes compared to the past week: Van der Werff and Thalhammer come in for Correia and Schuster. Thalhammer goes to the midfield, Yalcin for the right defense position. In addition, in the storm Prömer is pure, this year remains outside.

Before starting: **** Paderborn is running in this lineup: Huth – Justvan, Hüneier, Van der Werff, Yalcin – Thalhammer, Schallenberg, Klement – Srbeny, Muslija, Prömer.

Before starting: After only one point from the two past games, the SC Paderborn has passed itself from the top group of the 2nd Bundesliga. Dresden did not gain a game in the calendar year 2022 and urgently needs points to slip deeper into the spreadsheet.

Before starting: Walking is the game of the 22th matchday today at 13.30 in the Benteler Arena in Paderborn.

Before starting: Hello and welcome to the Liveticker of the second division collection between the SC Paderborn and Dynamo Dresden.

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2nd Bundesliga today in the LiveTicker – official listings

  • SC Paderborn: Huth – Justvan, Hüneier, Van der Werff, Yalcin – Thalhammer, Schallenberg, Klement – Srbeny, Muslija, Prömer
  • Dynamo Dresden: Mitryuskin – Lion, Ehlers, Sollaber, Akoto – Cade, Strong, Schröter – Borrello, Batista Meier, Drchal

SC Paderborn 07 - Dynamo Dresden 0-0 Highlights | 2. Bundesliga - 2021/2022

SC Paderborn vs. Dynamo Dresden: 2. Bundesliga today live in the TV and Livestream

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2. Bundesliga: The current table

Place Team Games Goals Difference Points
1 Werder Bremen 22 43: 30 13 41
2 SV Darmstadt 98 21 45: 27 18 39
3 FC St. Pauli 21 42: 29 13 38
4 Hamburger SV 21 39: 20 19 37
5 FC Schalke 04 21 42: 25 17 37
6 1. FC Heidenheim 1846 21 28: 26 2 37
7 1. FC Nuremberg 21 29: 28 1 33
8 SC Paderborn 07 21 38: 28 10 31
9 Jahn Regensburg 21 40: 32 8 31
10 Holstein Kiel 22 30: 34 -4 31
11 Karlsruher SC 21 34: 34 0 26
12 Dynamo Dresden 21 22: 30 – 8 24
13 Hansa Rostock 22 26: 35 -9 24
14 Hannover 96 21 16: 30 -14 24
15 SV Sandhausen 21 24: 39 -15 23
16 Fortuna Dusseldorf 21 23: 30 -7 20
17 Erzgebirge Aue 22 19: 42 -23 15
18 FC Ingolstadt 04 21 20: 41 -21 13

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