Nintendo blocked more than one thousand videos on YouTube for copyright

At this point, we are all perfectly aware that when it comes to protecting your intellectual property, Nintendo does not walk with games. The legal team of Great N is one of the most dedicated out there, and we constantly see them earning cases against piracy. On this occasion, they have blocked more than a thousand videos of a youtube channel for an infringement of copyright.

Nintendo He put his eyes on the channel of YouTube, Gilvasunner. As a result, 1,300 of his videos were eliminated by infringing the copyright of the Japanese company when using songs of their games without their authorization. It is worth noting that this channel does not monetize these videos.

Interestingly, this same channel had already suffered a similar destination in 2020, when Nintendo also blocked several of his videos. Above all this, the author of the canal said the following:

“I see many assumptions out there with extreme words against me. I clarify that I do not monetize these videos and do not win money for them. I understand that that does not justify uploading the content.

Nor does it get angry or surprise that Nintendo is doing this, but I think it is a bit disappointing that there is no other alternative. If Nintendo thinks that this is what they should do, I will let them eliminate the channel. After all, it is its content. “

This channel went up soundtracks of many games of Nintendo , but never monetized them. However, great n saw the need to eliminate them and it seems that there is not much that Gilvasunner can do about it.

After Thousands of Nintendo Copyright Strikes, GilvaSunner Vows to Shut Down Channel

Editor’s note: Surely this has much more complex legal implications than one might think, but Nintendo’s lawyers can sometimes be quite radical. If the content was not monetized, I do not see why there would be any problem uploading it to YouTube, but as I said, this must have multiple layers of complexity.

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