Low riders: “Would like to like the Champions League

Mr. Weisreiter, her Whats app message recently started with “Grüezi”. Are you already half a Swiss?
_ (laughs) _ Nice entry question. I’m trying to identify with Zurich to identify with Switzerland. Although I do not speak Schwiizerdütsch yet, but I understand it quite well, will also be asked in interviews here.

They are happy and balanced.
The success contributes its part to it, it is an exciting challenge. I feel very well, work in a great coaching team and have a good exchange with the Presidential Pair Canepa.

Does this exchange take place every few weeks or more often?
It’s very familiar here, the two have accompanied us in the summer and now in winter into the training camp, are tight on the team. They are not only bosses, but also fans of the FCZ. We meet a weekly, our sport director Marinko Jurendic is also there. Ancillo Cana readings and collects the Basel for decades.

Do you think this issue with you in the interview gets a place of honor?
He was dedicated to him a double page a few weeks ago. He will read this issue at least very quickly, because I’m sure.

They are very good, they report in Switzerland. How do you perceive that?
We all enjoy the current situation after many years of the association in the relegation battle. That about me as head coach is well spoken, I am pleased too, but I’m just a part of the whole.

You are there since the beginning of the season. Do you surprise this altitude flight yourself?
That the FCZ is a great traditional club, I knew. Analyzes were created and made decisions that have been frightened. Maybe we do not have the better single player than Basel and Bern, but as a team we work better.

At FCZ, I knew after five minutes that it fits.

André widthreiter

3-5-2 with an offensive basic alignment works accordingly.
Yes, we press extremely high. We have a little possession of possession, but that’s always a question of the quality of the possession for me. It’s important to me, and then I also tailored my philosophy to the FCZ that we play very fast vertically forward with clear sequences. This result in YB together most gates of the league, 43…

… and seven points lead. Why do not you talk about the championship as a destination?

The club has fought for a long time in the past seasons against the descent, Bern and Basel are far away from us from the financial possibilities. There is no need for half of the games to say something like that. We want to go on our way to continue with attractive football the spectators in the stadium. Luckily you can come. The question of the championship is a typical German. We play without pressure and are glad to have nothing to do with the descent fight. Of course, we strive for maximum success, but it would not be humble when we got bigger than Basel or Bern. We can talk about five games before the end, if we continue up.

Okay, comes to a restart… Speaking of German: The view from here on smaller countries is sometimes shaped by some arrogance. Why was for you personally the decision per Zurich no stepping step?
Statements from above come from those who do not deal with the league here. Switzerland is located in the current world ranking only one place behind Germany. In addition, there are always many great talents, because they are well accompanied in content, structurally and also outside the place. The Swiss League is highly attractive, it is very offensively played. I often say to the Swiss: “Do not make you smaller than you are.”

against servet on weekends – where there is the danger?
Because of the Corona situation, the situation is difficult to predict. Against Servette, currently fifth, the FCZ has lost all games in the preseason. And also up to date you are good, everyone can win against everyone.

It is running: The FC Zurich performs the table up to date. Imago Images / Geisser

What was not possible to compensate for your Corona forced break?
The personal speech and the emotionality were very missing. But because of my fantastic coaching team and the mentality of the team, I was not worried that we could not win. We won against YB for the first time since 2014, although I was not there. Thank God, we have also sailed a week later with me…

FIFA 15 - Real Madrid CF gegen FC Basel (Champions League 5.Gruppenspieltag) ◄REA #24►
… otherwise they would have to stay home again…
_ (laughs) _ exactly…

Assan Ceesay protrudes from her team with eleven goals. Has the ex-striker width riders took on him, so that a goal hunter became a scorer?
Clearly we talked to him, tips given, close with inside instead of solid margin, for example. We have brought him to a good position, that’s him. But I think it’s not good if coaches staple everything yourself.

But now they do themselves, of which they advise against the Swiss: smaller than they are?
There are many mosaic stones for success, included me. But I should praise me if you want that.

Known in Germany Are Moritz Leitner, Marc Hornschuh, Akaki Gogia – Everyone is still air up?
This applies to everyone, nobody is perfect. But all three works diligent, Leitner was unfortunately injured more often, Gogia has already decided games for us, Hornschuh is a guide player, ready if we need it.

Do you talk more often with your German trainer in Bern, David Wagner?
No. We had no contact before. Before the game against each other, where I was there, we have long talked, that was very sympathetic.

You have paused for a long time before Zurich. Doubt you if you may want to do something completely different?
No, because I have worked successfully before and was not frustrated. The break was family-founded, and I did not want to accept everything, because I know about my value and the quality of the work. At FCZ I knew after five minutes that it fits.

Of course, we strive for maximum success, but it would not be humble when we got bigger than Basel or Bern.

André widthreiter

And how is it going on in summer? Champions League reach – and go, if it is the most beautiful or stay to fail?
Very smart formulated… _ (laughs) _. No, in football as a head coach to plan, I have given up that for a long time. I really would like to hear the Champions League hymn, preferably with the FCZ. Does not matter when. But we never know what happens.

Because you miss your family and her bitch Bella?
I already miss that, yes. But Hannover is just a flight hour away, and there is a direct train connection. Everything is fine.

A long-term return to the Bundesliga do not exclude?
Under no circumstance. But I’m not busy with that.

And if your president asks 2022 times, what you do?
You certainly need even if-then strategies, but only later. No, my contract runs until 2023, there is currently neither thought about an extension nor a change.

You do not want to talk about your ex-clubs anymore, but when Schalke rises and should become Hannover Cup winner, then…
… I would be happy with these clubs, that’s clear.

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