Harsh fan criticism after price

The dramatic price increase in the streaming service and Bundesliga right holder “Dazn” provides in German football fans for incomprehension and displeasure. A huge majority of 96.6 percent of respondents feared the development of football.

Are Hard Drives Still Worth It?

The voting platform Fanq has asked about 2000 football fans in Germany on behalf of the “SID” on behalf of the SID. “Dazn” had increased the prices of subscription new customers from 1 February to twice.

79.4 percent indicated to be surprised by the extent of the increase, at the same time 92.3 percent of the participants keep the new price of 29.99 euros for much too high.

96.6 percent of respondents no longer see soccer for all fans as accessible if the total of football on TV is over 60 euros a month. For 65.3 percent of the survey participants, it is clear that they will now terminate their subscription to the provider.

The fairest price from the point of view of the fans is up to 15 euros for the current offer of the streaming service. Around 49 percent stated to be willing to pay this price. Up to 20 euros still seems appropriate for 28 percent. 13.5 percent of the participating in the survey, however, are only available for a payment of up to ten euros.

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