Final after the 33rd matchday: Nofv

The Northeast German Football Association (Nofv) is currently a huge problem: time pressure. Although the Nofv Oberligen are currently still in the winter sleep, but already the regional association was forced to respond to the planning chaos, resulting from the premature winter break last November, and to draw the first serious consequences.

The northern scale should recall the company again next weekend, starting with the catching games of the 14th matchday, the operation again, the Südstaffel will turn back a week later. With a respective league thickness of 19 teams and an average of 13 graduated lots, however, this still makes 25 open gaming days – too many for the Nofv, who now decided an end to the current season after the 33rd matchday.

MSV Duisburg vs. 1. FC Magdeburg | 3rd Division 2021/22 | Matchday 23

Winners and losers of the season abort

With the premature end of the season after the 33rd match day, it is also clear that some teams will only meet in this season only once and not as usual in round and second leg. Alleged top games and all crucial crisdime in the season finale may be away. The fact that the association has forced to create unequal opportune ratios in the near future could still come across headwinds.

This shows, among other things, the example of the current NOFV-Süd-Südpreiter VfB Krieschow, who will certainly not to oppose the premature end of the season. Three top games – according to current table level – the classprimus does not have to deny. This includes the lace-up against the table-wide VFC Plauen, the table-wide Union Sandersdorf and the heavily occupied FC red-white Erfurt.

Quite different, the situation is the relegation threatened SV Victoria Seelow from the Nordstaffel. Although the Victoria does not have to compete against the second-placed Rostocker FC in the season finale, four duels against teams from the lower table half (MSV Pampow, Ludwigsfelder FC, Lok Stendal and Hansa Rostock II) and thus four opportunities to collect important points in the relegation battle, The Flaig Troop Taken. This scenario could certainly re-mix the cards in the up and descent races.

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