Where is the “Battlefield 2042” vague “sorry”? 【column】

Battlefield 2042 (Battlefield 2042) ” develops DICE and has a large-scale war that can be enjoyed by PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox ONE / PC from Electronic Arts, FPS “Battlefield It is the latest work of the series.

A “ALL-OUT Warfare” Battle Royal Like Survival Mode “Hazard Zone” in the Battle Royale Like Survival Mode “ALL-OUT WARFARE” Battle Roic Like ‘s “Hazard Zone” Prepared 3 modes of “Portal”, which can be freely custom, etc. There was also a resurrection, and the expectations from the fans were also sufficient.

On the other hand , the evaluation is not good from the beginning of release, and the user review of STeam is “ somewhat unpopular “, and the number of active users after the release is “Battlefield V”. There was a big difference or in 24 hours, it was depressed to a fewer people. Currently, the active user is further reduced and it has fallen to about 5,000 people.

By the way, the previous work “Battlefield V” is approximately 28,000, and about 11,500 people “Battlefield 1”. From the number of players, you can see that the series fan has escaped to the past.

So, in this article, what is the problem of “ Battlefield 2042 “, what is the good point, and about the reviews of “Battlefield 2042”, what is the attraction of the “Battlefield” series? I would like to think about the vague “boring” of this work, while thinking.

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1. What kind of play style is the person to review?
2. Required element for “BF” considered by the author
3. Lost to the evaluation · Point to think a little bit
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4. Points to be strongly dissatisfied
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5. Good points
6. About Hazard Zone Portal
7. Where is the vague “boring”?

# What kind of play style is what the person who is reviewing is a “BF”.

“BF” is a game that boasts about 20 years of history. Even the players who have already begun to play from “Battlefield 3” already 10 years ago, the old attendees who are playing old are as well as newcomers. Therefore, the idea and your intention of “BF” by people differ at all.

In addition, in the comments of the critique of “BF2042” by the author immediately after release, “I’m a beginner’s point of view, I do not know the position of a reviewer or a reviewer,” or “the BF you like with the series of fans and now I have a voice that I compared the work and criticizing the change. Certainly, it is an important evaluation axis that is directly linked to the evaluation in the battle type game, and in the previous critical article, the point was taken out.

Therefore, first, what kind of play style is playing with “BF”, how much play style, and what a favorite past work is briefly explained, and the author’s evaluation I would like to reveal the axis and then want to come to a review.

We loved Ghostbusters: Afterlife (sorry, critics) | Play, Watch, Listen #83

I first recognized the “BF” series for the first time I watched the video posting site play video. Speaking of the game, I was surprised at the play video of “BF3” and “BF1943”, and I was surprised that I wanted to play such a game someday. For such a writer, “Battlefield 4” is the first full-fledged game experience. Therefore, it may have seen “BF4” quite a bit of interest.

Mainly enjoyed the infantry in the “BF” series. At the top of the author’s achievements in “BF4” and “BF1”, (I used a tracker that can get statistics.) I am a member of the military and nursing and recovery I was playing well with the soldiers who demonstrate the power. On the other hand, almost not touching the weapons of “BF4”. “BF1” has only been used.

My favorite past work is “BF4” including memories correction. But I love “BF1” as much as possible. However, “BFV” was not fit. Looking at statistics, it seems that only about 50 hours is played. I think that you would like to refer to the review with what such a player is evaluating.

# Required element / evaluation axis for “BF” thinking

The “BF” union of the above “BF”, the “Required” element is asked for the series.

First of all, it is A large match . In addition, Baker and infantry are combat that both have both. There is a natural cooperation element with the field. There is an object destruction factor . is.

Perhaps many BF players seek the same ones, but if there is no such element or lack of this element, it is not too like to be a major drawback as a “BF” series. Also, I am using the infantry mainly, but because the shadow of the vehicle is thin, there is a troublesome commitment . Do not worry about the fairness and symmetry of the map. Also, the balance of the weapon is not so welcome. . A strong weapon is a formal adoption gun of each country, but…… On the other hand, “unreasonable death” is not like **. It is not likely to be too strong, especially for Sniper and attack helicopter.

While keeping such a player paying attention, let’s have a long remaining place to go to the actual evaluation.

※ Note that evaluation of the critique article described above and the evaluation of this article have slightly changed the factor’s focus, but the evaluation other than the strength of the vehicle does not change significantly. We will develop common parts based on the critique articles.

# Lost to the evaluation · Points that seem a little dissatisfaction

Since this work has a huge factor, we will conduct an enumeration and commentary on the element, and then why it was not evaluated, and the attractiveness of the “Battlefield” series will be touched.

I can not say that it is not clearly good, but it can not be said that it is strongly bad. Wanting the evaluation · We will introduce and explain the points that you think a little dissatisfaction.

# # 128 people match

About 128 matches, the authors are quite skeptical to their existence. Is there a need for 128 people? If you make the map compact, ** If you can experience the same experience, you should be better for the number of people.

It is always difficult to keep 128 people full of servers for many years, and if you enjoy the maximum number of people, it will lead to the extension of content. If the map is compactly compact, you can enjoy PS4 and high-end PCs. In addition, the structure of the map, which is the big dissatisfaction of the work, it feels like it is not over 128 people.

On the other hand, some scenes may feel that the density is different from past work. Just ask if the density sense is interesting… ** It is an element that is lost in the evaluation. (Personally, 128 people are unnecessary.)

# # System waiting for resuscitation

This is an element introduced from “BF1”, but I think that a system waiting for resuscitation is not necessary. Dead sides are troublesome to make resuscitation skip decisions while being swinged to approach or move away, and Survivors can be skipped but unnecessary Frustration accumulates **.

Resuscitation and resuscitation skips are important for games not predictable **.

In addition, while moving freely before “BF1”, it was resurrected in the form of pressing the gadget, but there is a lot of time that becomes unprotected in the form after “BFV”, It is difficult to resurride the ally * .

This not only has the resuscitation hurdle rose, but also whether it should be resurrected, the difference between beginners and advanced users has expanded that the situation judgment was more important. ** In addition, this work has a lot of resuscitation skips and there were many alias that I could not wait for resuscitation. (I have skipped frequently.) This is the importance of collaboration with voice chat (such as waiting for resuscitation and telling it).

In addition, there is no doubt that the beauty of resuscitation in the past has increased the average Kildes ratio. After all, it is fun to defeat a lot of enemies, and it would be fun to have a lot of resuscitation.

On the other hand, in “BF4”, there is also an impression that users who hate “impossible resuscitation” that are unreasonably resuscitated even if resuscitation will die soon. Personally, it is not added to the number of deaths, so it is only possible to get a resuscitation even if it is possible to resuscitate a resuscitation skip. If you hit it, it was judged that there were too many elements of the disadvantages.

# # Awarded and award system after the end of the game

In “BF2042”, there is a reward production in conjunction with the commendation element of the squad that was excellent after the game.

When the award is finished, there is also an element that displays the good points of each part of the partner, but I think that it is a subtle element that there is a feeling that it is impossible. In the first place, important actions that influence the war station such as wolf destructive assist and enemy weapons are not in the score.

Also, I feel strongly when I played over and over, There are few variations, and the matching tempo is getting worse .

There is no major impact on the actual match, but it is not as much as noisy, but it is a sober shortcoming.

# # Scoreboard abolition

The abolition of the scoreboard was the first attempt with “BF2042”, but as a result of abolishing, The terter became impossible , and even if you play normally.

Open the scoreboard when killed, and “After all this person is good” I have no longer played.

Of course, the presence of scoreboards may be connected to the pressure for beginners. If so, you would like to ask for a flexible device such as not only the number of deaths . (Supplemental postscript: The scoreboard seems to change significantly in the update.)

However, it is not a fatal dissatee.

# # Abolished Battle Log (Results)

It is amazing as a match game that no comprehensive achievements such as Kildes ratio and scores per minute is amazing , but some people are scattered by the performance factors, so they play comfortable than past It may be good in the sense that you can do it.

Although it is dissatisfied, it is not fatal compared to other drawbacks.

Visual graphic compared to request specifications

Compared with past work, the ground has a tank’s track mark, etc., but I think that the graphic has evolved, but there is a sense of cleanness as a request specification. Also, the visual atmosphere was overwhelmingly good for the previous two (especially BF1).

It is also worried that the PC does not have good optimization.

# # # Do not point spots

There is no pointing spot from the previous work ‘BFV’, but it is a pity that it was a good element that the pointed spot was a good element that the electric spots can cooperate with 咄嗟. It is possible to agree that the elements can cooperate with each other.

In the story of the development team, “I do not want to shoot the red point”, but there are no pointing spots, but there is an element of “Spot”, and the spotter and aircraft of the vehicle can be strongly spotted. In addition, the red tag is displayed when you look into the site, so it has become a game that will actually shoot a red point.

Continue to point to “BFV” of the previous work, there is an pointing pin, and probably I think that adjustments are made to the full interstitial (party division) connected to the voicer chat, but advanced users and always friends A small number of voiced core layers (especially in this work, especially a large team play game), should stop. If you get out of a beginner who is a future fan and the most frequently played layers, they will decline.

However, for players from “BFV”, the pin system is commonplace, and it is not fatal compared to other drawbacks. Therefore, I put it in this section.

“I’m getting lost in the evaluation · I think a little more dissatisfied”, a wide variety of embodyed footsteps and BGMs, such as BGM, which lacks extremely emphasized footsteps and gloomy. However, these are trivial compared to larger defects.

Page 2 “Battlefield 2042” Points of strongly dissatisfaction

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