The Netflix Marvel Series will soon disappear from the platform: I headed to Disney +?

The Series Marvel of Netflix platform streaming DAREDEVIL , Punisher , Jessica Jones , The Defenders and more already have an expiration date on the popular platform streaming. This hplatform streaming been shared important American portals such platform streaming Screen Rant, marking the next March 1, 2020 platform streaming the deadline in which they will be available for their subscribers. All this platform streaming a culminating point after the cancellation of the different shows between 2018 and 2019 and the acquisition of the rights of said characters by Disney, platform streaming we were recently verified both at Spider-Man: No Way Home Like In Hawkeye .

Netflix's Marvel TV shows will disappear at the end of the month

Goodbye to Daredevil and the rest of Netflix superheroes

And is that we all remember the convolves cancellations of the different Marvel Series of Netflix, starting in October 2018 with Iron Fist and culminating in February 2019 with Punisher and Jessica Jones , giving Folder also to the most successful and celebrated series DAREDEVIL . And is that with the return of the rights of these characters to Disney, Netflix apparently did not want to continue paving the road to Marvel Studios, canceling all his shows, including also Luke Cage , in addition to the crossover The Defenders .

Now it remains to be seen where we can continue to see all these Marvel Series outside of Netflix, although the most logical thing would be to think that Disney + will add them to their catalog after the disappearance of said Netflix contents. All this after the recent appearance of the same Matt Murdock by Netflix at Spider-Man: No Way Home and the Kingpin by Vincent d’Onofrio platform streaming Villano in the series Hawkeye .

Could we see in the future the different continuations of said series in Disney +, now under the baton of Kevin Feige ? We will have to wait for upcoming movements on the part of Marvel Studios and Disney and if they finally confirm said series platform streaming Canon within the UCM. Many so would like it.

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